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  • Questions and answers about the Aeris Swopper

    What is the correct sitting position?
    Sit down on the centre of the Aeris Swopper seat so that the spring strut becomes an extension of your spine. Keep your balance with your buttocks and both legs with your feet flat on the floor. You pelvis should be slightly higher than your knees to form an open angle between hips and knees. This is good for the circulation. Bounce around a few times and you will then automatically sit up straight. Your diaphragm is freed and you breathe more deeply. This improves the supply of oxygen to body and head, which enhances your intellectual performance. If you are using the Aeris Swopper at work, you just have to shift your weight to move the seat towards your desk. This automatically brings your body into a position in which your spine moves freely and upright over the slightly inclined pelvis. This keeps your back straight. You automatically assume the right sitting position. The spring strut of the swopper takes over the forward tilt that your spine has to manage on conventional office chairs and which leads to hunchback sitting.
    What is "swopping" good for?
    Swopping strengthens the back muscles and stimulates nutrition of the intervertebral discs. Furthermore, it prevents congestion in your legs and you feel fit and bouncy all day long. You automatically sit correctly on the Aeris Swopper and thus prevent backache. Very practical: by sitting on the Aeris Swopper with 3D movement at work you can do something for your health without even noticing it!
    Can I sit all day without a backrest?
    Yes. Because you can also run without a backrest. The Aeris Swopper is designed so that the human being can do what he is built for even when sitting: movement. Whenever you move, you do not need a backrest. That is why you do not need a backrest when "swopping". It is completely different on conventional chairs. You do need a support on them because you sit for long periods without moving. However, your muscles are not made for hours of holding one position, which means that tension and backache are the practically inevitable result of this sitting posture. Nevertheless, this support disables your muscles again; they are not demanded - just as when permanently holding a single position - and become weaker. Then they are increasingly less capable of doing what they are made for: to keep the human being upright and make sure that the intervertebral disks keep in their place. On the swopper, however, your back remains constantly active and in motion. This trains and strengthens your back muscles in particular. If during the initial phase of getting used to sitting on your swopper you feel a twinge now and again in your back or your back muscles feel stiff, this is a good sign. Muscles that have being lying dormant might just be waking up again. The best thing to do is to really bounce around in all directions. This enhances the circulation of blood in your muscles, trains them and stimulates the carrying off of the contaminants that give you the twinges. Generally, movement is the best prescription for backache.
    The seat of the Aeris Swopper is hard...
    If you can feel your ischial tuberosities, this is a sign that you have been sitting for too long without movement. Stand up briefly or move your pelvis in different directions. Experience shows that after a while you will get used to sitting on the Aeris Swopper and will no longer notice your ischial tuberosities. Generally, the ischial tuberosities are the bones designed by nature for sitting - however not for hours of rigidly holding one and the same sitting position. If you feel your ischial tuberosities now and again when sitting on the Aeris Swopper more than on other chairs, this is because the seat of the Aeris Swopper is arched upwards. For a good reason: the resulting distribution of pressure on the ischial tuberosities automatically makes the spine tilt slightly forward in the lumbar region (lordosis), which corresponds to the natural shape of the spine when standing. Conventional seats that often have a seat pan have the opposite effect. For those of a more sensitive nature we provide the Aeris Swopper with TEMPUR cushioning. This special foam distributes the pressure across multiple load loci.
    Is the Aeris Swopper also available with a different seat cover?
    Yes. In principle you can have any cover you want as long as the material is suitable and our upholsterers can use it for the special cushioning. But to start with you can select different materials and colours from our wide standard range. We offer the Aeris Swopper in many attractive colours; with a washable Softex cover in black; with a white, multifunctional Care cover or black leather. We would be glad to fulfil your personal wishes with regard to covers - favourite material, company logo, CI colour. Just contact us and we will make you an offer.
    Does the Aeris Swopper comply with the DIN standards?
    Yes. The Aeris Swopper Work (with special spring strut type, castors, backrest with cover) complies with DIN EN 1335 for office chairs. The swopper with backrest complies with the valid European office standards PrEN 13761 (1999), EN 1022 (1996) and EN 1728 (2000). The Aeris Swopper bears the GS seal in compliance with EN 1022 and EN 13671 for office visitor chairs. There are no separate DIN standards for the new type of sitting in motion as on the Aeris Swopper at the moment, therefore there is no official test procedure for the specific properties of the Aeris Swopper. To date there are only DIN standards for rigid chairs going back to 1981-1989. Even the EU directive for VDUs is based on a DIN standard from 1989. The latest ergonomic findings and developments are not reflected in these standards. The DIN and EN standards always lag behind the state-of-the-art technology. However, the Aeris Swopper is ahead of its time as innovative product (German Federal Award for Innovation). There is no worldwide innovation for which the standard is created for the market and then the product! It often takes years for the relevant standards to be redrafted to accommodate the technical innovations. Nevertheless, the Health and Safety at Work Act provides for such "interim times" in that the standards represent just a minimum of requirements beyond which the employer may go at any time. Thus the following is defined in "3. Basic Principle": "For industrial hygiene and safety measures, state-of-the-art technology, occupational health and hygiene as well as the otherwise established ergonomic findings are to be taken into account." That the "state-of-the-art technology" (remark: the latest technological developments are meant here) is named explicitly as measure is to ensure that major developments in science, technology and medicine are applied as quickly as possible in industrial hygiene and safety, precisely because technology is usually way ahead of the DIN standards. For employers this means that for the protection of their employees they are obliged to apply the "state of the art" and do not have to wait for the introduction of new developments until the relevant standard for them has been drafted. Therefore, all employers who implement the Aeris Swopper at work are at the leading edge of technology and are doing more for the health of their employees than the outdated DIN standards stipulate. You can implement the Aeris Swopper wherever you want to in the company. The European directive for VDUs demands that there be the option to use a conventional chair as an alternative as required. The Aeris Swopper Work is the exception.
    Is the Aeris Swopper also available for youngsters?
    Yes. Movement is at least as important for children and youths as for adults. Sitting still is poison for young backs! As it is for intellectual development and concentration. For this reason, as well as the Aeris Swoppster, the Swopper for children just learning to sit and primary school children, there is also a Swopper for youths who weigh 35kg upwards: the swopper with spring strut type light. For a healthy back from the outset. The Swopper/Swoppster program offers the only 3D chair in the world for healthy sitting with loads of movement and fun for all age groups from 4 upwards and for all weights up to approx. 120kg.
    Is the Aeris Swopper also available with castors?
    Yes. The Aeris Swopper with castors is ideal for all those who want to change over to the healthiest way of sitting in the world and who have short distances to cover at long desks. It provides an even greater range of movement and mobility – at extended desks with several working surfaces, for example, or between desk and PC. At the same time it encourages you to move yourself more because to roll you have to lighten the load slightly on the seat. All the advantages of the Aeris Swopper in the fight against backache and tension are also to be found in full in the rolling Aeris Swopper. It is available in all the Aeris Swopper colours and you can also retrofit a backrest.
    Can you also use the Aeris Swopper as a standing aid?
    No. The Aeris Swopper is designed for sitting in motion, not as a standing aid. The maximum height of the spring strut is too low to support standing. If it could be set any higher, it would endanger the stability of this design. We offer the Aeris Muvman variable seat for sitting and standing at different heights. It is the perfect solution for ergonomic sitting at heights of between 51cm and 84cm as well as between 60cm and 93cm.
    Should the employer pay for the Aeris Swopper?
    That would be farsighted and sensible and would comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act which requires that employers are to apply the latest technical developments. The Aeris Swopper is state of the art and in line with the latest medical findings for healthy sitting. Many employers already finance a therapeutic chair like the swopper voluntarily or on request for their employees as part of their health management programmes. It pays for the company in terms of costs. For those who sit healthily perform better and are more motivated and have fewer days off work due to backache. That means greater effectiveness and continuity plus fewer costs for loss of working days. The Aeris Swopper amortises itself even in small companies just through one day of illness saved. However, if financing by your employer is not or not yet possible, you can still do something good for yourself and use your own office Aeris Swopper at work. We can only encourage you to do so. Whatever the case, the Aeris Swopper is a worthwhile investment in your health. In certain cases in Germany, the German Federal Insurance Institution for Employees (BfA), the professional and trade associations, the job centres and the integration agencies bear the costs in full or in part.
    What is the difference between the Aeris Swopper and an exercise ball?
    Sitting on the Aeris Swopper has the following advantages compared with the exercise ball. 1. The Aeris Swopper provides greater safety: it does not roll away and it cannot burst. 2. With the Aeris Swopper you can quickly and easily adjust three functions individually to suit your needs: seat height, spring strength and sideways movement. 3. The Aeris Swopper has a pleasant seat surface: you have the choice of different attractive cover materials. The seat surface is usually breathable, not cold and not slippery; it does not attract fluff and does not smell. The exercise ball is made of PVC. 4. The Aeris Swopper is attractive, space-saving and adaptable. It is an eye-catcher and highlight and does not seem out of place. 5. The Aeris Swopper has a timeless, innovative and original design that has won many international awards and which easily fits into many interiors. 6. The Aeris Swopper bears the "GS" tested safety seal, which means that it complies with the requirements of the German Device and Product Safety Law (GPSG) and can be used anywhere where people sit. 7. The Aeris Swopper Work is certified specifically as an office chair by the German TÜV in compliance with DIN EN 1335 and can be used everywhere without restrictions.
    Will the Aeris Swopper be paid for by the health insurance?
    Yes this is possible – at least in Germany – if a doctor prescribes a "seat that moves in all three dimensions" for therapy. However, this does not apply generally and it depends very much on the foresight of the agent and health insurance concerned. In certain cases in Germany, the German Federal Insurance Institution for Employees (BfA), the professional and trade associations, the job centres and the integration agencies bear the costs in full or in part. If a doctor prescribes an employee the Aeris Swopper and the health insurance company or (in Germany) the BfA (German Federal Insurance Institution for Employees) refuses to bear the costs, there is always the option of asking the employer to pay for the Aeris Swopper either in full or in part. After all, just one day of illness due to back problems that is saved amortises the purchase price of a Aeris Swopper once and for all! You can assume that the benefits including greater motivation, increased performance and enhanced well-being of the employee will very quickly recoup the purchase costs of the Aeris Swopper.
    How long is the guarantee on my Aeris Swopper?
    Three full years. If there are any complaints during this time, we will repair or replace your Aeris Swopper free of charge as long as there is no third party negligence. Do you have further questions about our other active office chairs? Then follow the links to our FAQ for 3Dee, Muvman, Oyo and Swoppster.
  • Questions and answers about the Aeris Swoppster

    For which age group is the Swoppster suitable?
    The swoppster is the ideal companion for your child from kindergarten to the end of primary school. You can adjust the height of the swoppster so that it "grows" with your child and you can adjust the spring hardness easily for any weight up to 50kg. There are even two settings for the degree of movement. The table below gives you some guidelines. The Aeris Swoppster is correctly adjusted when your child feels good sitting on it. When your child grows out of the Aeris Swoppster age, it can continue sitting comfortably and healthily with lots of movement on a Swopper with the spring strut type light which is optimised for weights from 35kg to 50kg.
    How do you adjust the Aeris Swoppster correctly?
    You can adjust the Aeris Swoppster individually in three ways to adapt it to the height and weight of your child and how much movement it wants to enjoy. Height adjustment Using the lever under the seat, children can easily adjust the Aeris Swoppster themselves to their favourite height. The open angle between thigh and lower leg should ideally be just over 90°. We recommend also adjusting the height of your child's desk appropriately. Spring hardness setting for vertical movement You can set the spring hardness to match your child's weight and to allow more or less bounce as your child wishes. For children who do not weigh much or for maximum bounce you turn the wheel at the bottom end of the spring downwards. For larger children or for reduced bounce turn the wheel upwards. The optimum setting is when your child can move freely in all directions without impediment. Sideways movement The sideways flexibility of the Aeris Swoppster is decisive for more movement when sitting. There are two different settings depending on the child's weight. The Aeris Swoppster is factory-set with the "basic flex" flexibility setting for children weighing between 30kg and 50kg. Proceed as follows to set the sideways flexibility for children weighing between 15kg and 30kg. Turn the Aeris Swoppster upside down, turn the cap slightly to the left and remove it. Remove the flexring that you can now see and replace it the other way round so that the designation "soft flex" is visible. Replace the cover and tighten it to the right. Ready.
    Is the Aeris Swoppster also available in other colours?
    No. In the development phase we presented a jury of children all sorts of colour and pattern combinations for the Aeris Swoppster. It was a clear vote. The colours now available won the most points. One of the advantages is that since the Aeris Swoppster is designed for children at an age when they develop the most, a clear-cut colour has the best chance of being attractive. Apart from that, children's rooms are generally so bright and colourful that a stable spot of colour can have a relaxing effect.
    How do you remove stains from the Aeris Swoppster seat cover?
    The Aeris Swoppster is very easy to clean. Remove stains immediately with a damp cloth. Use a small amount of soap suds on stubborn stains. A damp cloth with or without a little soap is also sufficient for the foot ring and guard.
  • Questions and answers about the Aeris Muvmat

    What is the mat made of?
    The interior relief structure is made of EPP expanded polypropylene. EPP is both flexible and impact resistant. This structure is covered with soft polyurethane (PU) integral foam. The foam material is comfortable and soft, has a cushioning effect and allows the interior structure to be felt through it. At the same time, its skin makes the material surface robust and also easy to clean. A finish coating of PU is applied for ultimate protection.
    Can I clean the Aeris Muvmat?
    Yes, the mat can be cleaned using lukewarm water and neutral detergent.
    Is it possible to clean the Aeris Muvmat with disinfectant?
    Yes it is, however the alcohol content of the detergent should not exceed 5 % (e.g. glass cleaning agent). The mat is not to be cleaned with abrasive scouring agent or a detergent with high alcohol content.
    Where is the Aeris Muvmat manufactured?
    The Aeris Muvmat is made in Germany.
    My aeris muvmat slides about – should it do that?
    Yes, that is what it’s supposed to do. The anti slip pads on the back come into effect when a load is applied to the mat, i.e. when you are standing on it. As soon as you step off the mat, it can “slide”, enabling you to conveniently push it aside (should you occasionally not require it). If you would like to increase the mat's stability, we recommend using a non-slip mesh underlay, which you can get at any DIY store.
    How heavy is the Aeris Muvmat?
    The mat weighs 2.7 kg without packaging, 2.8 kg including packaging.
    What are the mat’s dimensions?
    The dimensions are 91.5 x 48 x 3.5 cm.
    Can I also order the protective cover separately?
    Yes, the protective cover can also be purchased separately.
    What material is the cover made of?
    The cover is made of 100% polyester.
    Is the protective cover washable?
    Yes, the cover can be washed at 30° Celsius
    Is the mat available in a different colour?
    The mat is currently only available in black.
    Are different cover patterns available?
    In addition to our “Topography” cover, we also offer the “Forest Floor” cover. The different covers can be ordered separately, or all in one package together with an Aeris Muvmat.
    According to your information it is possible to stand on the mat wearing shoes. Do I then still benefit from the structure effect and reflex zone stimulation?
    Yes, you definitely do. In principle, the thinner the sole of the shoe the better it is, but either way, the effect is clearly noticeable.
    Can I only stand on the mat with flat shoes? How high can the heel be?
    We recommend wearing flat shoes. Do not stand on the mat wearing high heels.
    What happens if the mat is damaged, e.g. by heels that are too pointed?
    You should only use the mat with flat or wide heels. If the mat is damaged by pointed heels this is a case of improper use.
    Does the forest floor effect wear off?
    No, the effect cannot wear off due to the highly durable EPP interior.
    How do I dispose of the mat?
    The mat can be disposed of as general waste.
    Can the Aeris Muvmat be used on any kind of surface?
    Yes, the Aeris Muvmat can essentially be used on any surface, ranging from hard floors to soft ground. Depending on ground conditions, visual wear-and-tear of the non-slip pads on the underside of the Aeris Muvmat may occasionally occur; but this will not affect the pads' functionality.
    Does the Aeris Muvmat meet fire safety requirements?
    Yes, all elements of the Aeris Muvmat have been fire-tested. The foam in the Aeris Muvmat complies with standard FMVSS 302 and has an SE (self-extinguishing) rating. The inner parts of the Aeris Muvmat have a B2 fire rating. The optional fabric cover has a flame-retardant finish and complies with the US standard NFPA-701, the fire protection classification for hanging textiles, e.g. curtains in public buildings. Do you have further questions about our active office chairs? Then follow the links to our FAQ for Aeris 3Dee, Aeris Muvman, Aeris Oyo, Aeris Swopper and Aeris Swoppster.
  • Questions and answers about the Aeris Muvman

    What is the difference between a standing/sitting seat and the Aeris Muvman variable seat?
    Standard standing/sitting seats are often a compromise solution. They do permit ergonomically favourable higher sitting, but are limited in their functions: many wobble and tilt, some only work at one height, others force you to sit at an uncomfortable distance from the working surface and provoke a hunchback posture, many have only a limited height-adjustment range, some have uncomfortable seats, ... The Aeris Muvman practically redefines sitting/standing at variable heights. It is not a conventional standing/sitting seat, but a variable seat. It is optimum for ergonomically perfect sitting at height-adjustable desks, high desks, reception desks, counters, information desks, etc.
    Where do you use the Aeris Muvman?
    Everywhere where variable sitting is required - at height-adjustable desks, high desks, raised working surfaces, counters, tills and reception desks, but also for kitchen work, ironing and playing music. The Aeris Muvman covers all sitting heights between 51cm and 84cm and between 60cm and 93cm.
    Standing aids have a rounding on the floor to make them move. The Aeris Muvman does not have that. Why?
    Because we have developed something better than that for the Aeris Muvman. The use of roundings is quite common, but they have big stability problems. They cause wobbling and tilting that you have to compensate with hefty, sharp movements - and that is pure poison for your intervertebral disks, especially in the lumbar region. That is why we have equipped the muvman with a specially designed movement joint: the "muvzone". It permits harmonious, individually controllable movements in a radius of 360°. Without wobbling and tilting.
    What does "intelligent seat" mean with the Aeris Muvman?
    The Aeris Muvman seat is equipped with the patented flexzone technology. Its arched, softly padded seat keeps your pelvis upright. At the same time the front edge of the seat yields to prevent pressure points that are prevalent with conventional standing aids especially when sitting high.
    Why is the spring strut tilted forward?
    The spring strut of the Aeris Muvman with its 4° forward tilt is designed to make you sit up straight automatically, so that your spine retains its natural S shape whilst moving freely over the pelvis that is inclined slightly forward. In this way you can sit healthily at any height without having to round your back. The reason: the higher you sit, the more your weight is transferred via your legs to the floor. Through a backward force factor that occurs, you sit leaning slightly backwards when the seat is higher. To compensate this you automatically assume a kyphotic or hunchback posture. Because the spring strut of the Aeris Muvman is tilted slightly forward, the backward force factor is already compensated and thus prevents the hunchback posture.
    Is the Aeris Muvman also available with castors?
    No, but you do not need castors with the Aeris Muvman. The sideways movement gives you any extended reach and the grip and light weight of just 9kg mean that you can easily take your Aeris Muvman anywhere you want.
    Is the Aeris Muvman suitable for parquet floors?
    Yes, the non-slip, non-scratch rubber rim protects every type of floor including parquet. Do you have further questions about our other active office chairs? Then follow the links to our FAQ for 3Dee, Oyo, Swopper and Swoppster.
  • Questions and answers about the Aeris Oyo

    Where do you use the Aeris Oyo?
    The Aeris Oyo is suitable for use practically anywhere for all sorts of activities at home and in the office. At home it's great at the dining table, in your reading corner, next to the fireplace, for watching television, as a handy, mobile work chair or simply in your living room or bedroom. At the office it functions equally well round the conference table, in waiting areas, at the dining table and in the reception area, just as it does in hotel lobbies and shops. Its six colours let you blend it in softly to the interior design, have it stand out to catch everyone's eye or simply create a colourful palette. Here too, the Aeris Oyo is extraordinarily variable.
    What is the right way of sitting on the Aeris Oyo?
    You can sit on the Aeris Oyo whichever way you want to. There isn't a “correct” sitting position anyway, least of all on the Aeris Oyo. Forwards, sideways, backwards – anything goes. As long as it's fun. All sitting positions are comfortable on the oyo – you'll soon find your favourite. And if they're all good, just keep on changing from one to the other. Many say that when sitting sideways you can really snuggle up. Others just adore rocking right back when on the phone! Or some like to straddle leaning on the backrest to play with their smartphone… Our tip: just try it out!
    Is the Aeris Oyo suitable as a desk chair?
    If you don't have to spend long at your desk, the Aeris Oyo can even save you an extra office chair. It's also ideal for small flats or where you're short on space. Although the Aeris Oyo is not designed as an 8-hour office chair, sitting is a very individual matter so the best thing is to try it out and see if the Aeris Oyo works for you personally as a desk chair.
    Can I use the universal skids on all types of floor surface?
    The universal skids are suitable for practically any type of floor surface. However, we do recommend taking extra precautions for very sensitive wood and natural stone floors. Each Aeris Oyo comes with fleece tape which you can mount on the bottom of the runners.
    Can you adjust the height of the Aeris Oyo?
    No. The oyo has a fixed seat height of 48.5 cm. This is the standard height which is suitable for most people. You cannot adjust the double tubular steel frame.
    What is the best way to clean the Aeris Oyo?
    It is best to use a vacuum cleaner carefully to remove superficial dust and dirt from the Aeris Oyo. Use a clean damp cloth with a little pH-neutral soap to remove stains. The general rule here is that the Aeris Oyo can take a damp cloth, but abundant amounts of water might damage the cushioning. Note: Never turn the Aeris Oyo upside down for cleaning, assembling or transport! Avoid hard impacts. Do you have further questions about our other active office chairs? Then follow the links to our FAQ for 3Dee, Muvman, Swopper and Swoppster.
  • Questions and answers about the Aeris Numo

    How do I use the Aeris Numo properly?
    When sitting on theAeris Numo, you can do no wrong: simply sit down to immediately enjoy the comfort of the seat shell and the Numo’s movement mechanism in particular, which follows your movements backwards and forwards without any restrictions. If you would like to sit on the Numo for a longer period of time, we recommend the optional, ergonomically formed seat cushion. It ensures even greater comfort with a healthy, ergonomic seating experience.
    Which Aeris Numo model is right for me?
    Your personal preferences will above all decide which Numo is perfect for you. Every Numo model can be used in every setting. The skid frame Numo is also suitable for the outdoors. For the best results, test the models at one of our retailers. Please reach out to our customer service. We will gladly recommend a retail partner in your area so you can test our chairs.
    How many variations of the Aeris Numo are there?
    The Aeris Numo is available in a total of 31 variations. You can choose from frame variants as well as five seat shell colours. Together with the different coloured seat cushions, there’s an even greater range of 182 variations to choose from. The Numo’s seat shell comes in four variants: the skid frame, a 4-star base with glides or castors, as well as a frame with four oak wooden legs. All Aeris Numo have the same movement mechanism, while the skid frame Numo has a slightly altered form. The Aeris Numo 4-star base can rotate by 360°. The seat itself rotates over the castors. With the model with glides, the seat shell itself turns.
    Does the Aeris Numo come with a fitting seat cushion?
    Yes, it does! The ergonomically formed seat cushion, like the seat shell, is available in five different colours. The seat cushion’s colour can be chosen to match the seat shell or to offer a striking contrast. If you’re using the Aeris Numo for longer periods, we recommend the seat cushion for an ergonomically optimal sitting position. The covering is not detachable. However, the fabric (100% polyester) can easily be cleaned. You can remove stains with commercially available upholstery foam cleaner or warm water + neutral soap.
    What makes the Aeris Numo unique?
    The highlight of the Aeris Numo is its one-of-a-kind movement mechanism. Thanks to Aeris kinematics, the seat follows the user’s movements, oscillating forward and backward, for example at the dinner table or in the conference room. The skid base model achieves the same movement mechanics through its construction and frame material. The Aeris Numo comes in 31 different variations. The chair always strikes a good figure at home, in the waiting room, or around the conference table. Different coloured seat shells made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic (polypropylene) can be combined with a total of four different frames – from a skid frame to the four-legged chair with wooden legs. In combination with the ergonomic seat cushion, available in separate colours from the seat shell, there is a total of 182 individual combinations.
    Where can I use the Aeris Numo?
    The Aeris Numo is suited for use in many different environments. The Aeris Numo skid base can be used in the living quarters as well as outdoors on the balcony or on the terrace. All other models are suitable indoors and can be used in many different ways, for example at home at the dinner table, in a waiting room, as conference or meeting chairs, or in different office situations.
    Which surfaces are suitable for the Aeris Numo?
    All models are suited for use on carpeted floors as well as hard (e.g. concrete) and soft (e.g. parquet) flat floors. Simply equip the Aeris Numo with the included glides.
    How do I best clean the Aeris Numo?
    The covering is not detachable. However, the fabric (100% polyester) may easily be cleaned. You can remove stains with commercially available upholstery foam cleaner or warm water + neutral soap. Where can I purchase the Aeris Numo?Like all aeris products, the numo is available at our online shop or at selected retail partners. Please reach out to our customer service. We will gladly recommend a retail partner in your area.
    What are the dimensions of the Aeris Numo?
    Please learn more about the Aeris Numo dimensions on its product page.
    From what materials is the Aeris Numo made?
    Seat shell: Synthetic (polyamide) with 30% fibre glass reinforcement Kinematics: Die-cast aluminium, polished or powder-coated surface 4-star base: Die-cast aluminium, polished or powder-coated surface skid base: Steel rounds, 13 mm in diameter, powder-coated or chromium-plated (environmentally sustainable) Wooden legs: massive, European oak, FSC-certified
    Is the Aeris Numo stackable?
    No, with its unique kinematics geometry, the Aeris Numo is not stackable. Do you have further questions about our other ergonomic products? Then follow the links to our FAQ for Swopper, 3Dee, Muvman, Oyo, Swoppster and Muvmat.
  • Questions and answers about the Aeris 3Dee

    Which 3D active office seat is better for me, the Aeris Swopper or the Aeris 3Dee?
    It is not possible to give a general answer to this question. Both products provide unrestricted 3D active sitting – but are optimised for different types of user. If you want to have a maximum of movement when sitting, then the Aeris Swopper is probably best for you. The Swopper gives you 360° of freedom of movement plus 3D ergonomics. The Aeris 3Dee is perfect for those who want to move significantly more than before and sit as naturally as possible, but for whom it is important to keep the appearance of an office chair and make full use of the innovative backrest with lumbar support. The Aeris 3Dee gives you 3D ergonomics plus innovative backrest technology.
    What is the difference between the Aeris 3Dee and other office chairs?
    The type and range of movement is unique. The Aeris 3Dee is the most innovative office chair in the world with 3D movement. It provides free, natural movement in stark contrast to the other office chairs with their fixed, often linear or two-dimensional capacity for movement. Movement up and down, far-reaching sideways movement and natural tilting – the 3D technology provides more than twice as much freedom of movement than conventional office chairs.
    Is the Aeris 3Dee also available with other cover materials?
    Aeris offers the 3Dee with different types of cover material: Trevira CS from Gabriel ,a high-quality, hard wearing, breathable, skin-friendly, antiallergic, flame retardant colour fast to light seat fabric that is tested for harmful substances in compliance with ÖKO-Tex Standard 100. Microfibre and wool blend covers in five colours each as well as a leather cover in black. Other seat cover materials are possible on request.
    The Aeris 3Dee is available with Standard and High spring strut types. Which is the right one for me?
    This depends on your height, weight and how much you want to move. The High spring strut type is probably right for heights over 170cm. The best way to find out is to test the two versions yourself. The Aeris 3Dee with the Standard spring strut type is certified with the DIN EN 1335, which is a DIN standard for office chairs.
    Why does the Aeris 3Dee have no armrests?
    The 3Dee active office chair is designed to permit a greater range of movement and mobility during everyday use. Besides allowing more than twice as much movement as conventional office chairs the Aeris 3D technology automatically encourages natural movement – spontaneously and intuitively – thanks to the hip remaining flexible in all directions and a genuine swivel function. This sitting method basically corresponds to someone “bouncing” over a soft forest floor. Because armrests would restrict this natural movement we have purposely designed the Aeris 3Dee and all our other chairs without an armrest feature. (After all, we don’t need armrests to run along). With Aeris products armrests are not necessary to help you sit down or get up because the spring strut provides an „automatic“ damping function and helps you to bounce back up again. Do you have further questions about our other active office chairs? Then follow the links to our FAQ for Muvman, Oyo, Swopper and Swoppster
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