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Aeris Muvman

Sit, Stand, Move.

Support that keeps you up and active .

The adjustable seat with Flexzone technology promotes good blood circulation from head to toe. The strong base plate is fitted with non-slip rubber that provides a secure grip while moving - and it protects the floor too!

Good health relies on good posture.

The Aeris Muvman’s flexible central column enables constant micro movements that keep the intervertebral discs supple. The chair's pivotal joint is located close to the floor to ensure that you remain in an upright position – whichever way you move.
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The active standing and sitting chair Aeris Muvman is versatile and meets all the requirements of the workplace. It combines active sitting and standing, and encourages intuitive changes in posture. It relieves the legs and feet from long periods of standing and helps keep an upright posture.

The perfect upholstery for the office – Select is a classic wool material that is characterised by its monochrome elegance. The fabric is extremely hard-wearing and ideal for heavy use.

Aeris Muvman Standard
This version suites the majority of our customers.
Seat height: 51 - 84 cm

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At height-adjustable desks, in meeting rooms or in open spaces.

At home.

The Aeris Muvman active sit-stand chair is an all-rounder. It is perfect for bars, counters, breakfast nooks, and supports the busy cook!

Where lively conversations are important.

At a representative reception, moving sales negotiations, or a productive work meeting. Whatever the occasion – the Aeris Muvman gets things moving in your business.

At the assembly line and in laboratories.

Specifically designed for tough situations, the Aeris Muvman Industry offers production lines and laboratories a flexible sitting and standing solution that promotes ergonomics.


No other standing chair allows such a wide variety of height adjustment. Whatever your body size and whatever the height of the surface you are working at, sitting and standing positions can be adjusted to suit you individually.

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"Aeris has made significant contributions to reducing, even eliminating, the negative effects of our "sitting" lifestyle. Every day the wide variety of movements on the Aeris Muvman put a smile on my face. "

meet the designer

Henner Jahns

The Aeris Muvman is a world innovation in design and functionality: sturdy base, soft junction, angled gaslift and a smart pillow. It is designed to enhance physical and mental activity.