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Aeris 3Dee

The office chair that makes you think better because your body moves.


The Aeris 3Dee is the perfect ergonomic office chair for more well-being, more energy and balance while working in the office. Its three-dimensional mobility allows free movement in all directions while sitting, thus promoting active sitting. The comfortably padded, half-height backrest with individually adjustable lumbar support is ideal for conscious relaxation in between. In addition, the office chair without armrests is infinitely height-adjustable. From the executive chair to the simple office chair - with the different fabric covers and frame colors, every 3Dee variant can be an eye-catcher in the office. Configure now.

The ideal cover for the 3Dee in the office - Select is a classic wool fabric that is characterized by its monochrome elegance. The fabric is extremely durable and is therefore ideal for use with heavy use.

Strut type Standard
This is the shock absorber that suits most of our customers. This shock absorber is ideal for a body weight between 50 - 120 kg and a height of up to 185 cm. For a body height of 185 cm or more, we recommend the 3Dee with high shock absorber.

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Step 1: Choose your seat and backrest cover More info
Recycled polyester (Cura, Gabriel)
  • recyceltes polyester schwarz
  • recyceltes polyester grau meliert
  • recyceltes polyester blau meliert
  • recyceltes polyester hellgrau meliert
  • recyceltes polyester farngrün meliert
Wool blend (Select, Gabriel)
  • wollmischung schwarz
Microfiber (Comfort, Gabriel)
  • mikrofaser schwarz
  • mikrofaser grau
  • mikrofaser grün
  • mikrofaser rot
  • mikrofaser blau
Leather (Atlantic, light leather)
  • leder schwarz
Step 1: Choose your seat and backrest cover
Recycled polyester (Cura, Gabriel) ×
Wool blend (Capture, Gabriel) ×
Wool blend (Select, Gabriel) ×
Microfiber (Comfort, Gabriel) ×
Leather (Atlantic, light leather) ×
Step 2: Choose your frame color
Schwarzes Gestell

Matt-schwarz und sehr edel. Besticht durch seine schlichte Eleganz.

Poliertes, glänzendes Gestell

Für alle, die im Chefsessel glänzen möchten.

Step 2: Choose your frame color
Step 3: Choose a spring strut type
Wann wähle ich Standard?

Dieses Federbein ist ideal für ein Körpergewicht zwischen 50 - 120 kg und einer Körpergröße bis 1,85 m.

Wann wähle ich High?

Ab einer Körpergröße von 1,85 m empfehlen wir den 3Dee mit High Federbein.

Step 3: Choose a spring strut type
Your summary
  • Seat and backrest cover
    change selection
  • Frame and spring colour
    change selection
  • Spring strut type
    change selection
Your summary
Recycled polyester (Cura, Gabriel)
The Cura upholstery fabric is made from recycled post-consumer polyester. This makes the Aeris 3Dee office chair sustainable, robust and easy to clean at the same time. The mottled look also gives your workplace a homely and modern touch.
Wool blend (Capture, Gabriel)

The ideal cover for a homely feel - Capture is a multi-coloured wool fabric. Light and dark colours blend into a sophisticated melange pattern. The fabric offers optimal seating comfort and is dirt-repellent, easy to clean and maintain.

Wool blend (Select, Gabriel)

The ideal cover for the office - Select is a classic wool fabric that is characterized by its monochrome elegance. The fabric is extremely durable and is therefore ideal for use with heavy use.

Microfiber (Comfort, Gabriel)
The robust microfiber comfort cover is virtually everlasting. Its soft, pleasant-to-the-touch surface is non-slip and hard-wearing. It makes this chair easy to clean, hard-wearing and flexible to use.
Leather (Atlantic, light leather)
The ideal cover for the office - the Atlantic leather not only impresses with its high quality and beautiful surface embossing, but also offers optimal seating comfort. The soft leather is easy to care for, breathable and is characterized by its antistatic properties.
Why Select
Capture is a lightly felted and multi-coloured wool fabric combining softness, stretch and strenght. It fuses light and dark colours to a refined melange patternin subtle nuances, which add richness and depth to the design.
Aeris 3Dee Black Back

The best way to improve concentration: Aeris 3Dee.

The effective up and down movement that the office chair enables thanks to its special spring, means that the body remains active while sitting and all organs - including the brain - are better supplied. This promotes concentration and strengthens the back muscles.

The office chair that makes sitting a way of life.

The unrestricted mobility of the Aeris 3Dee in all dimensions (vertical, sideways, forwards and backwards) allows the user to breathe more deeply and at the same time stimulates circulation and metabolism. The 3D movement joint in the chair frame means that the entire upper body is always moving, and the back naturally remains straight.


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Continuously height-adjustable

The seat height of this ergonomic office chair is infinitely adjustable using a gas-lift mechanism. The height adjustment lever is located directly under the 3Dee seat and is easy to reach.

Comfort seat with flex zone

The innovative seat of our office chair has a slightly convex shape that encourages an upright posture. The flex zone prevents pressure points and congestion at the front edge of the seat.

Adjustable user weight

The spring tension or vertical swing of the ergonomic office chair can be individually adjusted to suit your body weight (up to 120kg) and the way you like to move. The 3Dee's lateral flexibility can also be adjusted as required.

Patented backrest technology

The backrest of the ergonomic office chair has a lumbar support that takes into account the natural forward curvature of the spine in the lumbar region (lordosis). This supports the back when sitting, promotes an ergonomically healthy posture and can be adjusted to suit the user's back. The backrest counterpressure can also be individually adjusted.

The ergonomic office chair that makes sitting a way of life.

As its name suggests, this ergonomic office chair moves vertically and horizontally: ideal for the body. This is changing everyday working life forever. After all, why should you wait until after work to take care of your physical well-being when you can have everything at once?

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Aeris 3Dee Woman Red
Benny Clausing, Publisher & Managing Director BMC MEDIA MEDIA GROUP
"I've been a fan of the Aeris 3Dee ergonomic office chair for two years now. Less back pain and more vitality are also confirmed by my colleagues in the editorial department."
Dr. med. Martin Marianowicz, specialist in orthopaedics, chiropractic, sports medicine and pain therapy
"If I set up my workplace correctly in advance, I can avoid sickness periods afterwards. That's why an active office chair like the 3Dee is a good companion."


Tobias Caratiola

Aeris 3Dee Designer Tobias

Design and technology must not be separated from each other. That would mean that design would be the prettification of products. And what use is a beautiful design if people don't feel comfortable with it?

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