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Aeris Swoppster

The anti couch potato for kids.

Now even sitting is fun.

Your child doesn’t want to sit still? You are in luck! For kids, it’s normal and importatn to constantly move and fidget. The Aeris Swoppster is designed specifically with the needs of kindergarten and primary school children in mind – active and fun.

Swopping makes smarter.

Movement promotes neuronal networking in the brain and thus mental development. When sitting on the Aeris Swoppster, the brain is optimally supplied with oxygen and blood so kids can concentrate much better on learning. So, where were we on homework? On 2 x 3 equals …?
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The Aeris Swoppster is suitable for children of nursery and primary-school age (15 kg - 50 kg, and up to 160 cm). Movement is proven to enhances concentration and learning abilities and as such the Aeris Swoppster promotes children’s physical and mental development. This ergonomic desk chair for children promotes healthy and active seating right from the start.

The breathable seat cover of the Aeris Swoppster is easy to remove and even machine washable. The castors can be replaced with glides if needed (included with every chair).

Real 3D technology based on the Aeris Swopper

Healthy sitting is not just for kids.

Discover the Aeris Swopper

Convex seat

The seat’s convex shape encourages an upright sitting position, in contrast to rigid seat pans that build pressure on the legs and invite hunching.

Grows with your child

The spring is adjustable to support your growing child’s body weight from 15 up to 50kg.

Easy height adjustment

With an easy to reach integrated button under the seat, each child can set their own favorite sitting position between 32 and 47.5 cm.

Stable foot ring

Robust foot ring comes completely assembled with castors, and can be easily changed to supplied fixed feet as you please.

Give your child a healthy foundation that's fun.

The multi-directional design ensures that children can follow their urge to move freely even when seated. This keeps them alert and gives them focus, bringing joy to both sitting and learning. Unless, of course, their little brother is making the same joke he’s made three days in a row ...

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Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Expert in Movement Sciences
"The Aeris Swoppster supports the mental and physical development of children"
German Federal Working Group for the Promotion of Posture and Movement
"The Aeris Swopper for children enables active-dynamic sitting in an excellent way.""