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Aeris Numo

Sitting in style rather than sitting still.


No matter which version, the Aeris Numo offers a unique form of movement. The designer chair not only swings back, but also forwards, creating a completely new seating experience: when eating, working and relaxing. With its different color combinations, the Numo offers something for every taste. Choose from five seat shell colors and four base types: wooden legs, runners, base with glides and base with castors.

The Aeris Numo with wooden legs gives every room a natural and warm atmosphere - be it in the dining room, living room or home office. This makes it a modern and timeless designer chair of its kind.

An ergonomically shaped seat cushion is available as an option for the Aeris Numo: in a matching color or as a contrasting eye-catcher. The comfortable seat cushion not only gives the designer chair a colorful touch, but also optimizes the sitting posture of the occupant thanks to its slightly convex shape. A non-slip coating on the underside of the seat cushion also ensures a firm fit on the chair shell.

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Numo skid frame
The timeless classic is available in various colors and offers plenty of freedom of movement. In addition, the Aeris Numo with sled frame is suitable for outdoor use (frame with colored powder coating) and is therefore also suitable for the terrace and garden.
Numo wooden legs natural oak
The elegant indoor seating version of the Aeris Numo with wooden legs creates a pleasant atmosphere in any living area.
Numo base glider
From offices to concert halls, the Aeris Numo with glides offers plenty of physical mobility while maintaining a firm footing. The stylish seat shell adapts to the body's forward and backward movements.
Numo base castors
In the version with wheels, the Aeris Numo offers a lot of movement, space and flexibility in the workplace and ensures a professional look.
Why Select
Capture is a lightly felted and multi-coloured wool fabric combining softness, stretch and strenght. It fuses light and dark colours to a refined melange patternin subtle nuances, which add richness and depth to the design.


Aeris Numo Task in vier Gestellarten gewinnt German Design Award 2020.

The Aeris Numo achieves what few chairs can do.

It brings body, mind and interior design into perfect harmony. The universally applicable design chair has already received the most prestigious jury awards for its elegant appearance. The Numo not only impresses with its design, but also with its functionality and its high level of seating comfort.
Aeris Numo Task Sitzschale in weiß mit Holzbeinen

Modern, timeless and functional: The seat shell of the Aeris Numo is movable.

Thanks to two patented mechanisms, the so-called kinematics, the seat shell of the design-chair adapts to the body's forward and backward movements. The kinematics with crossed lever arms are visually reminiscent of the intervertebral disc principle of the human spine. When developing the Aeris Numo, people were the focus and nature was the model.
Aeris Numo Task Sitzschale in weiß mit Holzbeinen

The design-office chair for home office and office

Customize the Aeris Numo Task to suit your taste.

Discover Numo Task now

30 options for all applications

With its different frame options, the Numo design chair fits in everywhere: in meeting rooms, at home as a dining chair, in waiting rooms, in restaurants or even outdoors as a patio chair.

For the office

New ways of working require new ways of sitting: agile, flexible and mobile. The Aeris Numo swivel chair makes this possible, especially with its base frame and swivel seat shell.

As a meeting chair

Sitting in motion to get things moving in a meeting? With the Aeris Numo meeting chair, you can. Its compact size and light weight make it easy to place anywhere in the office.

Ideal for the terrace and garden

The powder coated sled base (single colour models only) of the Aeris Numo is also suitable for outdoor use and can easily be used as a patio or garden chair. The seat shell of this version is even UV and weather resistant.

As a dining chair and visitor's chair

The Aeris Numo is particularly suitable as a dining chair, because this is where it gets the best form of affection: Freedom of movement, even forwards when eating. And your guests will be delighted when sitting is as much a pleasure as eating.

Freedom of movement and thoughts

"The Aeris Numo design chair develops the idea of ​​the classic cantilever chair further and also offers freedom of movement forwards. This helps with creative problem solving, thinking back and forth and exchanging opinions until you have found your position."

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Schwarzer Aeris Numo mit Holzbeinen als Kleiderablage
Red Dot Award Jury
"The Aeris Numo universal chair impresses with its elegant balance and the way in which the frame has been creatively combined with the extremely thin seat shell. Based on an innovative kinematic system, it offers freedom of movement backwards and forwards, which is appreciated by the sitter as natural and supportive."
Andreas Ostwald, ostwalddesign
"I have two dream images of sitting: safe in the hand of a giant and floating weightlessly on cloud nine. The Aeris Numo comes very close to that."


Andreas Ostwald

Porträt von Designer Andreas Ostwald

"Design is never just a language of form. Design is the form into which social ideas are brought, depending on the technologies and means available." With the Aeris Numo, Andreas Ostwald has created a design chair that combines design with technology and fits in everywhere: whether as a dining chair or patio chair, the Numo can be used flexibly and cuts a fine figure anywhere.

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