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Aeris Numo Comfort

This conference chair will add a touch of energy to your meeting.

The Aeris Numo Comfort conference chair offers a unique form of movement - even if you are sitting in a stiff meeting. It swings forward and slightly backward. This allows you to experience a completely new way of sitting in conferences, at home at the dining room table or in co-working spaces.
The Aeris Numo Comfort is available in three different bases. From 432 configuration options, you can design either a colorful eye-catcher for your home or an entire seating group in muted seat upholstery tones for your conference table.
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Step 1: Choose a Numo Comfort type More information
Step 2.1: Seat Shell Colour
Step 2.2: Kinematics Colour
Step 2.2: Kinematics Colour
Step 2.2: Kinematics Colour
Step 2.1: Seat Shell Colour
Step 2.2: Kinematics Colour
Step 2.1: Seat Shell Colour
Step 2.2: Kinematics Colour
Step 2.1: Seat Shell Colour
Step 2.2: Kinematics Colour
Step 3: Choose a seat cover colour More info
  • numo kufengestell schwarz
  • numo kufengestell taubenblau meliert
  • numo kufengestell petrolblau meliert
  • numo kufengestell rot meliert
  • numo kufengestell beige meliert
  • numo kufengestell orange-rot meliert
  • numo kufengestell grau meliert
  • numo kufengestell farngrün meliert
  • numo kufengestell hellviolett meliert
  • numo kufengestell blassgrün meliert
  • numo kufengestell braun meliert
  • numo kufengestell dunkelviolett meliert
  • numo kufengestell dunkelgrau meliert
  • numo kufengestell blau meliert
  • numo kufengestell gelb-orange meliert
  • numo kufengestell hellgrau meliert
  • numo kufengestell grün meliert
  • numo kufengestell gelb meliert
  • schwarz
  • hellgrau meliert
  • farngrün meliert
  • braun meliert
  • rot meliert
  • hellviolett meliert
  • taubenblau meliert
  • beige meliert
  • dunkelgrau meliert
  • blassgrün meliert
  • gelb-orange meliert
  • dunkelviolett meliert
  • gelb meliert
  • grün meliert
  • orange-rot meliert
  • blau meliert
  • petrolblau meliert
  • grau meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter schwarz
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter taubenblau meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter orange-rot meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter blau meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter grün meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter rot meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter gelb-orange meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter hellgrau meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter blassgrün meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter dunkelgrau meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter braun meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter hellviolett meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter gelb meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter dunkelviolett meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter petrolblau meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter farngrün meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter grau meliert
  • numo fußkreuz gleiter beige meliert
Step 3: Choose a seat cover colour
Step 4: Choose a back cushion
Step 4: Choose a back cushion
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  • Numo Comfort Type
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  • Back cushion
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  • Seat cover
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  • Seat shell & kinematics colour
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Your summary
Numo Comfort sled frame

The sled frame is the simplest variant among the Numo Comfort. The kinematic technology blends almost seamlessly with the base. The stylish conference chair.

Numo Comfort wooden legs natural oak

This Numo Comfort creates a homely atmosphere in every work area and meeting room thanks to its wooden legs.

Numo Comfort base gliders

The base version of the Numo Comfort offers a firm stand and is a real eye-catcher in every conference room.

Why Select
Capture is a lightly felted and multi-coloured wool fabric combining softness, stretch and strenght. It fuses light and dark colours to a refined melange patternin subtle nuances, which add richness and depth to the design.
aeris numo comfort konferenzstuhl

The meeting today sat really well!

The Aeris Numo Comfort conference chair is a further development of the Aeris Numo design-chair. The wider seating shell and the upholstery do justice to the "Comfort" addition. At the same time, the backrest and the lumbar support integrated into the back cushion support your upright sitting posture. We think: To retain your composure in a meeting is always a good thing!
aeris numo comfort konferenzstuhl

Aeris Numo Comfort: Falling asleep in a conference chair is a thing of the past.

Have you been invited to a long meeting again? Don't worry. The Aeris Numo Comfort helps you to stay awake and active in every future conference. It has been equipped with special kinematics underneath the seat, that lets you gently rock back and forth.
aeris numo comfort konferenzstuhl

Less plastic.

Always the same ideas in your meetings? Recycling works better. The cover material of the Aeris Numo is made of 98% so-called post-consumer polyester. For example from old plastic bottles and fishing nets. Why not suggest the Numo Comfort to your colleagues? That's a really good idea!

Aeris Numo Comfort: One chair, many advantages

aeris numo comfort konferenzstuhl

What is the Aeris Numo kinematics?

We call the Aeris Numo kinematics the scissor-shaped movement element that is attached directly below the seat shell. This allows you to swing slightly forwards and backwards and offers movement while sitting. In the Numo with a skid base, the movement is generated by a stable, bent metal wire.
aeris numo comfort aufrechte

Upright sitting posture

Sinking into your meeting chair and then dreaming of a relaxing holiday? We're sorry to disappoint you. Thanks to its patented Aeris kinematics technology, you automatically sit upright and agile at the meeting table. This upright sitting posture also improves your breathing.
aeris numo comfort konferenzstuhl

Wooden legs

Do you like it elegant but still cozy? Then choose the Numo Comfort version with a wooden frame. The wooden legs are made of FSC-certified oak and bring a Scandinavian flair to meeting rooms and homes.
aeris numo comfort konferenzstuhl

Base glides

The version of the Aeris Numo Comfort with a star base and glides not only makes you look super professional in meetings, the seat shell also has a rotation range of 360°. And of course the Numo kinematics cannot be missing here either.
aeris numo comfort konferenzstuhl

Unique seating comfort

We have further developed and improved the seat shell of the Aeris Numo. The backrest of the Aeris Numo Comfort is a little higher than the Numo and has louvered slots that allow air to circulate in hot weather. The back cushion can be fitted as an option.
aeris numo comfort konferenzstuhl

18 colors

"Green, green, green are all my colors" - goes a well-known folk song. This is indeed true for the Aeris Numo Comfort. The Cura cover fabric used for the seat cushion and backrest is made of 98% so-called post-consumer polyester, for example from old plastic bottles and fishing nets.
aeris numo comfort konferenzstuhl

Skid base

For those who love that extra swing in meetings, we recommend the version with a skid base. A curved metal frame, made from one piece, ensures gentle movement when sitting. Quickly bend forward and reach into the cookie plate? No problem.
konferenzstuhl aeris numo comfort

For architects and planners

Are you an architect or planner? Then visit our professionals area.

Discover now

Areas of application

aeris numo comfort konferenzraum_small.jpg?v=1703080555

Conference room: The Aeris Numo Comfort is ideal for sitting comfortably for long periods during conferences.

aeris numo comfort besprechungsraum_small.jpg?v=1703074819

Meeting room: Let's talk. Meet with your colleagues at a table to talk, laugh and discuss.

aeris numo comfort co

Co-working space: Meet your working friends in the co-working space and exchange ideas. The Aeris Numo Comfort supports you in this.

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