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Aeris Muvmat

A walk in the woods – on half a square meter.

Stand in the active zone.

The interior has a 3D topographical structure that gives your feet the feeling of standing on forest soil. To be precise, on roots, stones and soft moss. Your body posture thus adjusts to the stimulations at your feet, improving concentration and alertness. Because when you are on your feet, your mind is up and running too.

Stand in the comfort zone.

The spring-back foam makes standing comfortable. The mat works its magic whether you are wearing shoes, socks or go barefoot. The Aeris Muvmat helps take the strain out of long periods of standing at the office, at home, factory floors, laboratories or treatment areas.
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Standing on hard floors puts heavy stress on our bodies. That’s why we’ve developed the Aeris Muvmat. The standing workplace mat both activates and relaxes at the same time, keeping the body moving like a walk through the forest.

Thanks to its durable top layer, the Aeris Muvmat is not only suitable for barefoot enthusiasts, but also perfect for use with shoes. The Aeris Muvmat is great wherever long periods of standing is required: at the office, production sites, laboratories, therapy facilities or at home.

Increased focus and concentration.

Studies show that the Aeris Muvmat improves the user’s short and long-term ability to concentrate and learn. Concentration improves the longer the mat is used.

Activates muscles and circulation.

The Aeris Muvmat stimulates the reflex zones, the muscles, and the circulation. Standing on it is just like walking in a forest.

Foot massage included.

The Aeris Muvmat relieves the legs and the whole body. People at standing workstations are able to stand for longer periods of time without tiring or discomfort.

Improves posture.

Standing on the Aeris Muvmat improves your posture, which in turn relaxes your neck and shoulder muscles.

Try your Aeris Muvmat today

This anti-fatigue mat recreates the feeling of standing on a forest floor, sending micro impulses from your feet to your brain. The mat encourages the body to move when standing, keeping you alert while taking out the strain.

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Dr. Diana Henz
"Working on the Aeris Muvmat is proven to produce up to 50 percent faster reaction times than when standing on a flat surface."