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Artikel Jul 23

Backbone in the office: How the right office chair strengthens your lumbar spine

Where is the lumbar spine?
The lumbar spine (LWS), also called the lumbar part of the spine, is located above the sacrum and coccyx. The lumbar vertebrae (L1 to L5) are mobile, the vertebrae of the sacrum and coccyx are not.

What is lumbar spine syndrome?

When people walk upright, the highly flexible lumbar spine is particularly stressed. If this stress is permanent and one-sided, it can lead to degenerative changes within the lumbar spine and ultimately to painful irritation. This pain is better known as lumbar spine syndrome.

A combination of several degenerative changes often leads to lumbar spine syndrome. Bulging discs , wear and tear of the vertebral joints or thickening of the ligaments cause a narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis). This constricts the nerves that run through the canal. The consequences are pain and, in serious cases, numbness due to nerve damage.

Man sitting at desk with Aeris 3Dee office chair which strengthens the lumbar spine Herniated discs in the lumbar spine can be caused by, among other things, too little exercise and rigid sitting.

Herniated disc in the lumbar spine

The so-called lumbar intervertebral discs are located between the lumbar vertebrae. The great mobility of the lumbar spine exerts great force on the intervertebral discs. As we get older, the fibrous rings that surround and protect the soft core of the intervertebral disc can become porous. A sudden movement or heavy lifting can cause the pulpous core of the intervertebral disc to be pressed outwards through a tear in the fibrous ring. This is then referred to as a slipped disc, and if it is a slip in the lumbar spine, it is referred to as a lumbar slipped disc.

Since the disc between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae (L4 and L5) or between the fifth lumbar vertebra and the first vertebra of the sacrum is particularly stressed, the lumbar disc herniation usually occurs between these vertebrae. It is noticeable through local back pain when leaning forward. If nerve roots are trapped, the symptoms also include numbness and even paralysis in the leg.

Spondylolisthesis as a cause of pain

If two vertebrae move against each other, this is called spondylolisthesis. This is a classic sign of wear and tear that leads to instability within the spine. Spondylolisthesis can also pinch one or more nerves in the spinal canal and cause pain.

Office chairs Aeris Numo Task and Aeris Swopper and Aeris 3Dee protect the lumbar spine Aeris office chairs Aeris 3Dee, Aeris Numo Task or Aeris Swopper allow a lot of movement and thus train the muscles in the lumbar region.

What to do if you have pain in your lumbar spine?

In all cases, it is important to find out where the pain is coming from, whether it radiates or can be localized, whether numbness occurs, and much more. It is best to see a doctor who can diagnose whether it is wear and tear such as arthrosis , a combination of various degenerative changes, a slipped disc or even lumbago . In the short term, you can keep the affected areas warm and move around, because a protective posture usually only provides apparent relief. In the long term, only a visit to the doctor, physiotherapy and back exercises will help.

Movement to relieve the lumbar spine

A trained back can take more than an untrained back. To relieve the strain on the lumbar spine, regular exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles help.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down, you should also make sure that your ergonomic office chair does not restrict your natural movement while sitting, but rather encourages it, such as the Aeris active office chairs Aeris 3Dee , Aeris Numo Task or Aeris Swopper .

In contrast to conventional rigid office chairs, all three office chairs allow three-dimensional freedom of movement. This promotes an upright posture, strengthens the muscles in the back and lumbar region and relieves the spine. The vertical swinging has the same effect on the body as light walking. This nourishes and relieves the intervertebral discs and reduces the risk of lumbar complaints.

Aeris office chairs are therefore a good choice for an ergonomic, comfortable workplace and to protect your lumbar spine.
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