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Chronic fatigue

What does chronic fatigue mean

Our normal state is healthy and active. If you are often tired, you should understand this as a sign from your body that it needs attention. Tiredness in the evening is normal - the body demands regeneration and it gets this from sleep. But if you are constantly tired and worn out, you should understand this as a warning signal.

Chronic fatigue is often a sign of illness, but sometimes it is due to diet or simply a lack of sleep. But what many people don't realize is that a lack of exercise can also be the cause of chronic fatigue.

Tired due to too little exercise

We often find ourselves in a vicious circle : if we are constantly tired and lacking motivation, we lack energy and performance, our quality of life is affected, and our exhaustion leads to us being even less active . This only makes the problems worse. Lack of exercise is one of the main causes of numerous health problems. If the circulation , blood flow, and metabolism are not stimulated, and our joints and muscles are not challenged, many bodily functions become weaker. This can go so far that chronic illnesses such as metabolic syndrome develop. Every muscle contraction sends elementary stimuli to the brain and releases messenger substances that the organism constantly needs in order to remain functional and efficient.

Only those who move make a difference!

If a doctor has confirmed that there is no illness behind the extreme fatigue, you can achieve a lot to combat the constant tiredness and lack of motivation by changing your lifestyle.

When it comes to exercise, it doesn't even have to be sport. It's important to exercise regularly. If you exercise regularly and are physically active - even at a low level - you maintain the performance of the body's organs and structures in the long term. It's best to integrate exercise into your everyday life. Wherever possible. Even if you have to actively look for these exercise opportunities. It helps a lot to leave the car at home more often and walk or take the bike, climb stairs instead of taking the elevator, and go for a walk, hike or jog regularly. Any form of exercise gets the circulation going and stimulates the metabolism and blood flow. Every movement releases hormones, enzymes and other messenger substances. The constant tiredness then quickly subsides and you have new power and energy again. A wonderful side effect: you automatically use more energy.

Light exercise helps against chronic fatigue

We sit most of the day. Sitting is the biggest enemy of everyday movement - at least as long as you sit on rigid chairs. However, there are also chairs that have been proven to allow more than twice as much movement while sitting as conventional office chairs: for example, the 3D active chair Swopper from Aeris. Thanks to its patented 3D technology, the Aeris Swopper challenges and promotes people's intuitive movements and thus healthy, active sitting with frequent changes of position. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: the chair follows the movements of the body and not the other way around. The result: natural sitting, controlled swinging, combined with posture-optimizing sideways, forwards and backwards movements.

The Aeris Swopper - like every other active chair from Aeris - strengthens the back and trains the muscles while sitting. Thanks to the vertical swinging caused by the spring and lateral flexibility provided by the 3D movement element, intervertebral discs, tendons and joints remain fit. The convexly shaped seat promotes a free and upright posture, and pressing seat edges are avoided. All of this together promotes blood circulation, mobility and concentration - and is simply good for people. A perfect recipe for combating chronic fatigue caused by a lack of exercise.

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