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Aeris Oyo

This chair rocks.

The rocking chair with a difference.

The unique combination of rocking chair, saddle and bucket seat makes the Aeris Oyo a versatile pleaser.

Love at first sit.

The chair’s curved shell embraces you like a warm hug on a frosty winter morning. Its movement will help you concentrate, think, and put a smile on your face.
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As visitor chair, in the conference room or at home, the Aeris Oyo looks good anywhere. It offers a completely new seating experience and convinces through its technical and practical innovation. This somewhat unique rocking chair keeps you moving and encourages different seating positions – forwards, sideways or backwards. The Aeris Oyo invites you to be active or relax, snuggled up in its curved shell.
The Nexus polyester upholstery is characterised by its elegant, stylish and fine mesh structure. It offers excellent seating comfort, is easy to clean, durable, and even breathable.


Rocking chair with three seating positions: forwards, sideways and backwards.


The seat cover has a cozy five-centimeter foam padding


Universal skids make the Aeris Oyo safe on all surfaces, so you can relax in style. A fleece tape for particularly sensitive floors comes as standard accessory with all Aeris Oyo’s.

The Aeris Oyo rocks everywhere

The Aeris Oyo is great at home, in meeting rooms, lounges, at the dining table or as a clothes chair in the bedroom. Each Oyo is handcrafted with great care and precision in our factory in Germany.

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Sina Möller, Social worker (B.A.)
"The ability to move around as you wish on the Aeris Oyo, allows children to stay focused for longer periods of time."

Meet the designer

Martin Ballendat

For some time now, I focus on shaping distinct organic seats. I am after a unique style and an inimitable signature in my furniture design. I am a born aesthete with high standards.