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aeris has devoted itself to revolutionising standing and sitting at the workplace. Our philosophy is as simple as it is effective: more movement! In three dimensions. We call that 3D ergonomics. For our customers this simply means better health, more motivation and higher productivity. And success proves us right. Our products - be it the swopper active seat, the muvman variable standing/sitting seat, the swoppster active swivel stool for children, the 3Dee office chair or the contract chair oyo - set new benchmarks and have catapulted aeris into the top 100 of the most innovative small and medium-sized German businesses.

Yoga event with aeris chairs

aeris chairs overlooking 5th Avenue

swopper, 3Dee, muvman and oyo were recently part of a Roof Top Yoga‬ Event in New York City. The event was organized from Gibson Interior Products, one of our partners in the USA.

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swopper red living room

It's all down to the 3D technology. 

There's a whole lot of high-tech in the swopper. The 3D flexible joint and sprung seat permit lots of movement. When you sit on it, you experience a vertical bouncing movement corresponding to the "springy" walking on a soft woodland path. 

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3D-Ergonomics - What's That?

The underlying concept of the aeris 3D ergonomics is as simple as it is ingenious: each aeris seat follows the movements of the body and not vice versa.

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Healthy Workplaces

Healthy workplaces for all Ages

The human body is made for movement, and that is why our philosophy is all about “Life in Motion”. Our products are based on this concept. As an official campaign partner aeris shows its profound commitment to promote the concept of healthy workplaces.

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Josef Glöckl

20 years aeris: 20 years life in motion

"I suddenly realised that the way we work in the office does not conform with human nature. In fact, the situation was that we 'sit ourselves sick' on conventional office chairs and then have to go for physiotherapy to get rid of the pain. I found this absurd."

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swopper for the benefit of your back

The active seat swopper was specially developed for more movement and to hinder back problems. Its 3D flexibility is unique. Worldwide. And the ensuing advantages too.

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