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swopper STANDARD

Entry-level model with robust cover of synthetic leather, an easy to clean, robust cotton/synthetic mixed fabric. Optimum for use in environments with high levels of exposure to dirt, humidity and wear and tear. In production and assembly shops, for example.

swopper Standard

Anthracite or titanium

Synthetic leather cover

Easy to clean cotton/synthetic mixed fabric: 80 % Cotton, 20 % Polyurethane. Optimum for environments with high requirements regarding dirt, humidity and wear and tear.

Seat colour 


Spring strength

SMALL or MEDIUM (optimised for 40 – 70 | 88 lbs to 154 lbs resp. 60 – 120 kg | 132 lbs to 265 lbs)

Spring colour

Powder-coated, available colours: black

Seat Height

Loaded: 42 – 56 cm | 16.5" to 22" resp. 45 – 59 cm | 17.7" to 23.2"; unloaded 47 – 61 cm resp. 52 – 66 cm

Foot ring

Aluminium-diecast in anthracite or titanium


All swopper without rollers are deliverd with felt- and metalgliders (for textile-covered floors like carpets and felt and for hard floors like stone, tiles and parquet).


Rollers with brakes in compliance with DIN EN 12529 for all types of floors. On request with special rollers for very deep pile carpets or rough floor surfaces.

Weight of swopper STANDARD

11 kg | 24 lbs

How you sit is how you feel.

On conventional office seats, your body usually has to adapt itself to the seat. The result: “you break your back” sitting and suffer from backache and tension. The swopper, the award-winning active seat, puts an end to all that. Thanks to its unique three-dimensional movement, it adapts itself to you – not vice versa! This active sitting in three dimensions with many changing sitting positions keeps you in motion all the time and strengthens your back. You keep fit and feel comfortable.

Award-winning sitting.

The swopper is recommended by many prominent doctors and international experts like Prof. Dietmar Schmidt-Bleicher from the J.-W.-Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt: "From a physiological an thus preventive health point of view, the swopper is clearly superior to a conventional office chair. It permits you to move twice as much as with a conventional chair."

Different sitting positions on the swopper

swopper Indian style sitting
swopper sitting position backward
swopper sitting position extended legs
swopper sitting position right
swopper Drehstuhl