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swoppster manual



Congratulations With the swoppster you have made a choice for healthy and active sitting for your child. 


Here are a few tips for getting started. 

The opening of the foot ring should point forwards to the desk or working surface. In this position the seat inclines slightly forward and gives a supporting resistance when you move backwards. "Swopping" is child's play. Your child should simply sit down on the centre of the swoppster and make full use of the scope of movement that the swoppster supports and encourages. The spring enables the healthy bouncing up and down and the joint in the foot provides for sideways movement. You keep your balance using your legs and the rest of your body. This keeping balance activates your child's muscles, strengthens them and supports the natural impulse to move which the growing organism needs for the healthy development of body and mind.


Mounting of rollers/fixed feet

The swoppster comes with rollers with brakes for hard and soft floors. For the very young swoppster users or on smooth floors we recommend replacing the rollers with the fixed feet supplied. Please note: Only you can decided whether your child is mature enough to use a chair with rollers. Even with rollers, the swoppster is not a car-like toy! We shall not be held liable for non-intended use.

Replacement: Carefully turn the swoppster upside down, remove the rollers and in their place insert the feet until they click into place. The fixed feet must point outwards. For very sensitive floors (e.g. parquet) we recommend attaching standard felt gliders under the fixed feet.

children's chair swoppster



1 Height: Using the lever under the seat you can adjust the height continuously. The open angle of your child's legs (thigh to lower leg) should be slightly over 90°. We recommend also adjusting the height of your child's desk accordingly where possible.

2 Spring hardness: You can adjust the extent of vertical movement to suit the weight and personal preferences of your child. The optimum setting is when your child can move freely up and down without reaching the bottom stop. For children who do not weigh much or for maximum bounce you turn the wheel at the bottom end of the spring towards the lowest weight on the scale. For bigger children or for reduced bounce turn the wheel towards the greater weight mark.

3 Flexible sideways movement: This is decisive for more movement when sitting. There are two different settings depending on the child's weight. The swoppster is factory-set with the "basic flex" flexibility setting for children weighing between 30kg and 50kg. Proceed as follows to set the sideways flexibility for children weighing between 15kg and 30kg. Turn the swoppster upside down, turn the cap slightly to the left and remove it. Remove the flexring that you can now see and re-insert it the other way round. Check that the designation "soft flex" is now visible. Replace the cap and screw it tight until you hear it slot into place. 



Please note that the swoppster can only be disassembled at the factory (special tools are required). Work on or replacement of the gas spring must be carried out by a trained specialist only.



All care information is available on our landing page Care Instructions in the service section.



We grant a guarantee of three years from the date of purchase for all aeris products purchased directly from an authorised aeris dealer.


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