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swopper User Manual



Congratulations! With the swopper you have made a choice for active sitting.


Here are a few tips for getting started:

  1. The opening of the foot ring should point forwards to the desk. In this way the swopper tilts forward to the working surface and hinders you slightly from tilting backwards. 
  2. Sit down on the centre of the swopper. Move in all directions - up and down, backwards and forwards, and left and right - to feel the full flexibility of movement. 
  3. Use the setting options and after a while you can adjust the sideways movement too.
  4. The convex shape of the seat leads to it being perceived initially as "hard". After about 14 days of use you will become accustomed to this healthy sitting posture.



  1. Slot in the spring strut with the printed weight scale pointing in the direction of the foot ring opening.
  2. Place the seat on the gas spring.
  3. Sit on the seat and "swop" vigorously up and down about 10 times.



office chair swopper

Use/mounting of metal/felt gliders

  • Metal gliders: Only for textile-covered floors. Not suitable for floors liable to be damp or wet
  • Felt gliders: For smooth floor surfaces (stone, tiles, parquet, cork, PVC and the like) please use only felt gliders.
  • Glider change: Carefully turn the swopper upside down and use pliers to remove the gliders. Replace the removed gliders with the other type of gliders and press these firmly into place.


Use/mounting of rollers

The chair comes with braked rollers (DIN EN 12529) that are suitable for use on practically any type of floor. Special carpet rollers are available for use on high pile carpets. Please use the enclosed swopper grip on smooth, hard floors (parquet, stone etc.). This prevents unwanted rolling away. You can mount it yourself by exchanging it for the black rubber cap on the underside of the foot ring. Carefully turn your swopper upside down, remove the black rubber cap on the underside and insert the light swopper grip in its place.



  • Height: Using the lever under the seat you can adjust the height continuously. The open angle of your legs (thigh to lower leg) should be slightly over 90°. We recommend also adjusting the height of your desk accordingly where possible.
  • Spring hardness: You can adjust the extent of vertical movement to suit your weight and personal preference. The optimum setting is when you can move freely up and down without reaching the bottom stop. Setting: Screw the sleeve on the spring strut to the left – for maximum vertical movement/low weight. Screw the sleeve to the right – for reduced vertical movement/more weight.
  • Flexible sideways movement: The softer the setting, the greater the demand on your muscles. We recommend starting off with a setting for reduced sideways movement and later adjusting the setting to provide as much sitting movement as possible. Adjustment: Turn the swopper upside down, turn the handwheel towards (+) or (-) for more or less flexibility respectively. 



Please note that the swopper can only be disassembled at the factory (special tools are required). Work on or replacement of the gas spring must be carried out by a trained specialist only.



All care information is available at the landing page Care Instructions in the service section.



We grant a guarantee of three years from the date of purchase for all aeris products purchased directly from an authorised aeris dealer.


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