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muvman User Manual



Congratulations! With the muvman you have made a choice for healthy, active and variable sitting. 


Here are a few tips for getting started:

To carry the muvman you set the seat height to the lowest position and then pick it up using the seat grip. Avoid contact with the gas spring because it is greased. 

Vary your sitting position as much as possible. Use the complete scope of all the sitting options: sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes to the side or tilted forwards - always on the move in different positions. 



Easy-touch buttons are provided under the seat for continuous height adjustment between 51cm and 84cm (20”-23”) (or between 60cm and 93cm (23”-36”) with the HIGH version).

The spring strut of the muvman is tilted slightly forward at an angle of 4° by default. It adapts automatically to your sitting position. 



sit-stand-stool muvman


Please note that the seat can only be disassembled in the factory (special tools are required). Work on or replacement of the gas spring must be carried out only by trained specialists.



All care information is available at our landing page Care insructions in our service sections.



We grant a guarantee of three years from the date of purchase for all aeris products purchased directly from an authorised aeris dealer. Please note: maximum recommended weight limit for muvman is 120 kg/265 lbs.


pdf-file of User Guide with pictures

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