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Assembly instruction swopper backrest



How to assemble:

  • Tilt the swopper carefully in the direction of the opening in the base ring.
  • Using the Allen key supplied, from below you press out the plug in the base of the base ring.
  • Set the backrest rod on the base ring so that the setscrew engages in the opening in the base. The backrest base must sit firmly on the base ring.
  • Set the nut provided from below onto the setscrew and screw tight using the spanner. The backrest rod should have no play at all.
  • Put the swopper upright again. Fit the backrest with the corresponding formed counterpart onto the rubber bearing at the top end of the backrest rod.
  • Fasten the backrest to the rubber bearing from the front using the screws supplied and screw tight. That’s it!



How to fit the cover for the DYNAMIC backrest (accessory)

  • Pull the open cover over the backrest.
  • Be very careful to ensure that the Velcro® fastener does not come into contact with the inside padding.
  • Fasten the Velcro® fastener and close the zip fastener. That’s it!


pdf-file of assembly instruction with pictures

Assembly instruction of swopper backrest >

swopper blue with backrest