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3Dee User Manual



Congratulations! With the 3Dee you have made a choice for active sitting.

Move in all directions and test the different adjustment options. You can change the adjustments as required. Make sure that you use a soft surface to assemble and adjust your 3Dee.


Below are a few hints to help get you started.



1. Slot all the castors into the upturned base.

2. Loosely insert the spring strut into the opening of the base. Hold the rubber ring on the base with one hand and with the other hand slowly turn the spring strut until you feel it fall into place in the base.

3.1 Place the seat opening on the gas spring.

3.2 Hold the spring strut with one hand and with the other hand turn the seat until you feel it fall into place.

3.3 IMPORTANT: Make sure that the white arrows under the seat are aligned with each other. Then sit on the seat and bounce up and down forcefully a few times so that the connections can no longer separate.

4.1 Secure the chair against rolling away.

4.2 Slot the backrest slowly and perfectly straight into the opening until you hear it click into place and you can no longer pull it out again.

4.3 Screw the backrest tight with the screws and Allen key provided.



office chair 3Dee in black


A. Height: You adjust the height using the lever under the seat. The open angle of your legs (thigh to lower leg) should be just over 90°.

B. Spring: You can adjust the vertical bounce. The optimum setting is when you can move freely up and down without reaching the bottom stop. We recommend that you carefully turn over the chair and lay it on the backrest. Screw the sleeve on the spring strut to the left – for maximum vertical movement/ low weight. Screw the sleeve to the right (observe STOP mark!) – for reduced vertical movement/ more weight.

C. Flexible sideways movement: Carefully turn over the 3Dee and lay it on the backrest. Turn the handwheel to the left for more flexibility and to the right for less flexibility. We recommend starting off with a setting for reduced sideways movement and later adjusting the setting to provide as much sitting movement as possible.

D. Backrest tension: Turn the butterfly nut to the left in the “–” direction (about 10 – 15 times) for a softer setting with less tension. Turn the butterfly nut to the right in the “+” direction (about 10 – 15 times) for a harder setting with more tension.

E. Lumbar support: Sit on the chair without resting against the backrest and grasp the adjusting bar of the backrest left and right with both hands. Press the lever on the inside on the right and move the adjusting bar up or down into the required position.



Possible only at the factory. Work on or replacement of the gas spring must be carried out by a trained specialist only.


Care Instructions

Available at the landing page Care Instructions in our service section.



We grant a guarantee of three years from the date of purchase for purchases directly from an authorised aeris dealer. Load: Maximum load 120kg | 265 lbs.


Video for assembling and adjusting:

Assembly Videos > 


pdf-file of User Guide with pictures

3Dee User Guide >