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Children's chair swoppster - frequently asked questions about the chair for kids



For which age group is the swoppster suitable?

The swoppster is the ideal companion for your child from kindergarten to the end of primary school. You can adjust the height of the swoppster so that it "grows" with your child and you can adjust the spring hardness easily for any weight up to 50kg. There are even two settings for the degree of movement. The table below gives you some guidelines. The swoppster is correctly adjusted when your child feels good sitting on it.
When your child grows out of the swoppster age, it can continue sitting comfortably and healthily with lots of movement on a swopper with the SMALL spring which is optimised for weights from 40kg to 80kg.

For which age group is the swoppster suitable?

How do you adjust the swoppster correctly?

You can adjust the swoppster individually in three ways to adapt it to the height and weight of your child and how much movement it wants to enjoy.

Height adjustment
Using the lever under the seat, children can easily adjust the swoppster themselves to their favourite height. The open angle between thigh and lower leg should ideally be just over 90°. We recommend also adjusting the height of your child's desk appropriately.

Spring hardness setting for vertical movement
You can set the spring hardness to match your child's weight and to allow more or less bounce as your child wishes. For children who do not weigh much or for maximum bounce you turn the wheel at the bottom end of the spring downwards. For larger children or for reduced bounce turn the wheel upwards. The optimum setting is when your child can move freely in all directions without impediment.

Sideways movement
The sideways flexibility of the swoppster is decisive for more movement when sitting. There are two different settings depending on the child's weight. The swoppster is factory-set with the "basic flex" flexibility setting for children weighing between 30kg and 50kg. Proceed as follows to set the sideways flexibility for children weighing between 15kg and 30kg. Turn the swoppster upside down, turn the cap slightly to the left and remove it. Remove the flexring that you can now see and replace it the other way round so that the designation "soft flex" is visible. Replace the cover and tighten it to the right. Ready.

More information in the swoppster User Manual >




Is the swoppster also available in other colours?

No. In the development phase we presented a jury of children all sorts of colour and pattern combinations for the swoppster. It was a clear vote. The colours now available won the most points. One of the advantages is that since the swoppster is designed for children at an age when they develop the most, a clear-cut colour has the best chance of being attractive. Apart from that, children's rooms are generally so bright and colourful that a stable spot of colour can have a relaxing effect.



How do you remove stains from the swoppster seat cover?

The swoppster is very easy to clean. Remove stains immediately with a damp cloth. Use a small amount of soap suds on stubborn stains. A damp cloth with or without a little soap is also sufficient for the foot ring and guard.



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