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Study: Working standing on the Aeris Muvmat increases performance

The study on working on the Aeris Muvmat at the University of Mainz confirms that the active standing mat has strong positive effects on mental and physical performance.

The study comes to the conclusion that one works much better on the standing mat Aeris Muvmat than on a hard, flat floor with regard to attention, concentration, heart rate variability, tension in the shoulder and neck muscles and overall well-being. The muvmat is designed in such a way that feet and joints are relieved by an elastic surface. At the same time, the different structures inside the mat encourage the user to make small movements, which have a positive effect on the entire body.

„The study results prove that with the Aeris Muvmat we have developed a unique support for people who work standing up. Josef Glöckl, founder and managing director of Aeris GmbH, comments on the results of Dr. Diana Henz at the Institute for Sports Science of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schöllhorn at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz.

Based on the results of their studies, the researchers recommend using the Aeris Muvmat "in everyday work to increase cognitive performance, subjective well-being and to promote health", as well as a therapeutic application in cases of gait disorders, poor concentration and disturbances in the synchronisation of the hemispheres of the brain.

The results in short form. On the active standing mat Aeris Muvmat…
• …improve the short-term and long-term ability to concentrate.
• …both halves of the brain are activated. This enables the test persons to come up with creative solutions and work much more efficiently.
• …the plasticity of the brain increases. Better networking of the brain cells with each other (synapse formation) makes complex thought patterns possible.
• ...the cardiovascular system is relieved.
• …the neck musculature is stretched, the shoulder musculature must become less compensatory active. Tension (and thus pain) is avoided in both muscle groups.
• …the subjective well-being improves, the test persons feel more awake, fitter and better.

The study structure
The test persons simulated a working day close to everyday life over two weeks on a total of 10 working days of 4 hours each at a sit-stand workstation. The test subjects performed standardized, randomized work tasks in which different areas of cognitive performance were addressed, as well as everyday office tasks (processing e-mails, checking texts, arithmetic tasks, etc.) on screen and in paper form. The EEG, ECG and EMG activity was measured before, during and after the work in the experimental and control condition.

This is already the second impressive study result for the Aeris Muvmat. A study carried out by the University of Stuttgart confirmed that the Aeris Muvmat users showed a 25% increase in muscle activity immediately after use and that their sense of balance improved.