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Never just sit: 360° relaunch at Aeris

The active seating furniture manufacturer for the office, home office and home environment is repositioning itself. Their relaunch includes both a relaunch of the brand presence and the product portfolio. The international roll-out will start in June 2020.

The new brand presence will create a uniform, contemporary 360° brand experience across all channels. The brand relaunch focuses on strengthening the Aeris brand and the brand promise which Aeris has condensed into the new claim: "Never just sit". The new look also does justice to a comprehensive range of new digital applications. Both the new brand strategy and positioning, along with a new visual and verbal identity, were developed in recent months in collaboration with the London-based agency Mortar Pestle Studio.

"We cover much more than just the world of work today. With our products, we allow people to lead active, healthy lives by creating movement where they least expect it but need it the most – while sitting – even outside the office. We are more interested in promoting an active lifestyle and giving users a better quality of life than 'just' a healthy back. Our 360° relaunch is a logical consequence of our strategic realignment of the brand. This is a very important aspect, because it is visible and emotional. We want to start a new chapter in our success story at Aeris,” emphasises Josef Glöckl, founder and CEO of Aeris GmbH.

Aeris has revolutionised the office world with the Aeris Swopper since the company was founded in 1996. Aeris has been delivering the Aeris Active Office product line since 2018, a new workplace concept that brings natural movement into the office workspace like no other. Inclusion of the company in the TOP 100 list of the most innovative SMEs in Germany demonstrates the company's potential, dynamism and unparalleled expertise.

A breath of fresh air in the Aeris portfolio

As part of the 360° relaunch, Aeris has also modernised the look of its product portfolio and also expanded it.

The Aeris Swopper active seat classic has been made fit for the new decade along with many other things. The office chair will soon be available with new and modern seat cover colours. Both the frame and spring colours and fabric selection have also been updated.

With its broad selection of colours and fabrics and diverse range of models, with castors, glides and even backrests (if desired, although not absolutely necessary), you can customise your new active seat to suit your own design from the variety of new options to fit anywhere: from your office to home office to start-up, where agile and creative work is everything.

The Aeris 3Dee, Aeris Muvman and Aeris Swopper will also deliver a consistency in basic colours. Hence facilitating a variety of harmonious all-round combinations with Aeris active seats.

Aeris is also launching the Aeris Muvman INDUSTRY and Aeris Muvman INDUSTRY ESD. Aeris relies on the proven features of the Muvman active standing seat in the design of these two new active standing seats, including its such as a multidimensional movement element in the footplate. Originally launched in 2006, these features allow the seat to adapt to the posture and movement of the user. These have been expanded to include properties that meet the needs of research and production companies in particular.