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5 Signs that your office chair wants to kill you

Signs number 1: Your office chair has a backrest.

Your office chair has a backrest? Then you should immediately take to your heels! Contrary to the widespread opinion that a backrest relieves the strain on the back, it does more harm than good. Because if your back no longer has to hold itself independently, the muscles in your back atrophy and pain in the spine and musculature are pre-programmed due to the weakened condition and accompany you in the worst case until the end of your life.

Signs number 2: The seat is rigid.

You know that. You sit down and think "Ah, beautiful" for a moment. And what happens then? We tell you: nothing! Once you sit on a rigid seat, you don't move at all for hours. This sends a signal to your brain: "Stop thinking, nothing will happen here today". If you stay in one position for a long time, the brain is tempted to switch off. And with it the ability to concentrate suffers and in old age even the whole brain, keyword dementia and Alzheimer.

Signs number 3: You have to adjust to your office chair.

Yes, of course, you can drive up and down your office chair. But beyond that? Very few office chairs allow you to adjust to your weight or freedom of movement. Conversely, this means that you have to adjust to your office chair - and all you can do is lose. People become unhappy and tired of life if nobody takes care of their needs.

Signs number 4: There are armrests.

You always wanted to know what it feels like to be locked up? Then get yourself an office chair with armrests. These prevent you from taking alternative positions on the office chair. In addition, armrests serve as unwanted spacers to the table, which in turn leads to incorrect posture. And, just like the backrest, the armrest relieves the body of holding work and thus permanently weakens it.

Signs number 5: You have to sit to work.

It's a vicious circle! They can only sit to work. And if they want to work, you have to sit down first. So she snaps shut, the seat trap. Escape is usually difficult and impossible in many professions, you have to sit down. And that means that sitting for a long time makes you tired and listless - and your lifetime is reduced by 20 percent with at least six hours of sitting time per day!

So it's time to find a new office chair. And so you will find the right office chair:

Make sure that
-the office chair does not restrict your freedom of movement.
-the office chair follows you, not the other way around.
-the office chair has as few backrests as possible.
-the office chair becomes a supporting actor and not a major nuisance.