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3 simple tips on how to find the perfect office chair

You need a new office chair but don't know what to look out for when buying it? Here you will learn what really matters when choosing the right office chair! Please note the following three tips and you will quickly notice which office chair suits you best.

Tip number 1: Don't think in old patterns.
"An office chair must have armrests and a backrest and the upholstery should be leather!" So long say the idea of the perfect office chair. But the days of expansive executive chairs are definitely over, because today people work differently: mobile and agile. There is a huge selection of office chairs - from low-budget to high-end, a large part of the range is as unmanageable as it is indistinguishable - and above all: they are getting on in years and are no longer up to date. So why not take a look at some supposed exotics who don't need backrests or castors!

Tip number 2: The office chair is there for you - and not the other way around.
All too often an office chair purchase is decided exclusively on the criterion of price. If the price is favourable and the chair looks acceptable, then someone already strikes. Which is often forgotten: On no other piece of furniture (except our own bed) do we spend as much time as on the office chair. And that's why the office chair should fit its user perfectly. Does the office chair swing up and down? Can the suspension be individually adjusted to the body weight? Is there a lateral swing that expands the gripping space and can be adjusted? All this should be taken into account.

Tip number 3: Try the office chair!
The best way to buy an office chair is still through the specialist trade. There you will usually find a large selection and expert advice. The biggest plus: you can experience all the chairs for yourself and try out as many as you like. But that shouldn't be enough, because a trial seat at a specialist retailer has nothing to do with your everyday professional life. The chair has to be tested in your office under real conditions. Try the office chair for two weeks and then decide whether it suits you!

Take these three simple tips to heart and hopefully you will find the right chair that will do you good. But of course we also want to give you some inspiration for your next office chair. It does not always have to be the classic backrest monster with a rigid seat. How about the active office chair Aeris Swopper, for example: