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Here you will find interesting notes, information and links concerning the latest awards...


...and campaigns, interesting trade fairs, news about research and development in health, ergonomics, movement, etc. - in fact about everything that has to do with aeris, our products, "Life in Motion" and health.

September 2017: Active sit-stand muvman has been nominated for the FX International Interior Design Award

Great honour for muvman: the active sit-stand from aeris has been shortlisted by this year’s panel of judges of the “FX International Interior Design Award”. The prestigious award, now in its 19th year, invite both British and international design to reward the designers for the very best of interior products and projects. If the muvman will be one of the winners of the FX awards will be announced at the glamorous black-tie ceremony at the honourable Grosvenor House in London. We are crossing our fingers!

Since its launch in 2006 the active sit-stand muvman won several prestigious international prizes, among other the reddot design award as well as the universal design award, proving that the muvman is both functional and well designed.

Learn more about the FX International Interior Design Awards >

FX International Design Awards

September 2017: 100% Motion

We are participating in the 100% Design exhibition in London! Visit us at stand W648 and get more information about motion seating and our chairs swopper, muvman, oyo and more.

Learn more about the 100% design exhibition >

100% Design

September 2017: What to do about back pain in everyday life?

Back-friendly products, like our swopper, which have been awarded with the seal of approval from the campaign for healthier backs, help to avoid back pain: at work, at leisure, at sports.

Find out more about the campaign for healthier backs>


June 2016: One seat, incredible flexibility.

The muvman’s height adjustment range is unique, providing the right sitting conditions for people of all heights and physiques. The following video shows the flexibility of the sit-stand-stool.

Watch the muvman video >

Stehstuhl muvman

June 2016: Nominee of Benelux Office Award

Benelux Office Products Award once again! After the design chair oyo in 2015 also our sit-stand-stool muvman is nominated for the award in 2016. The category: Office seating. The final decision will be made in October.

More about the award >

muvman in green and black

June 2016: Stand or Sit? Both!

The muvman was designed for use in all areas of work; ideal for all types of desks and working surfaces. It’s height adjustment range is unique. All sorts of people can use one and the same muvman.

More about the muvman >

May 2016: aeris chairs in the new BORA office

BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH, the manufacturer of innovative cooktop extractors, moved to a new headquarter and furnished its office and conference room with active chairs from aeris

View the picture >



Bora Lüftungstechnik

May 2016: aeris chairs @ INDEX 2016 in Dubai

INDEX is the biggest exhibition for interiors and design products in the Gulf Cooperation Council. It takes place from 23 to 26 of May 2016. Discover our aeris products at the PRO TECHnology stand in Hall 5 Stand 5D21. 

More about Index >

Index Dubai

April 2016: Let's swop in the sewing room!

The German TV host Nandini Mitra loves to sew and handicraft. Her new DVD shows a lot of do-it-yourself-tips and presents the aeris chairs as perfect option for sitting whilst sewing.

More about the sewing room >

Nandini Mitra on swopper

April 2016: aeris Interior Inspirations

aeris chairs are incredible flexible! On the following pages we show you that 3Dee, muvman, oyo and swopper are a perfect fit for workspace, home office, conference room and the living quarters.

More inspirations >

oyo und 3Dee im Office

March 2016: Personal Trainer for fascia

With the right and adequate amount of movement we can prevent fascia from becoming rigid and immobile. Simply during our daily routine, with the active seat swopper from aeris

More about the fascia training >

fascia in our body

March 2016: Universal design consumer favorite

oyo's collection of awards is growing. With its design and function the cantilever chair and conference seat convinced the jury of universal design and is therefore consumer favorite 2016.

View the press release >

oyo Universal Design consumer favorite

February 2016: oyo wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2016

Rocking chair, cantilever chair and saddle seat oyo convinced the jury of the famous and well-known design award and won in the category Home Furniture. 

View the press release >



oyo wins iF Design Award

February 2016: swopper in Mastering Studio

"I love my swopper. I had a back injury a few years ago and the swopper has been very helpful in recovery and prevention of future injury." Source: Brock McFarlane/CPS Mastering, photographer: Leigh Righton

More customer reviews >



swopper in Mastering Studio

February 2016: Three dimensions. No compromises.

Whoever does not want to make compromises for their health and is looking for an office chair that also catches the eye, then there is no getting round the 3Dee.

More about the swivel chair >

Drehstuhl 3Dee

January 2016: Sitting fit with the swopper

Active 3D sitting on the swopper is ideal for your back and it gets your metabolism going. Studies confirm that sitting on the swopper is like taking an easy walk. It's all down to the 3D technology.

More about the active seat >

Aktiv-Stuhl swopper in Grün

December 2015: How to set up your Home Office

Eric Grevstad from the PCMag recommends for the workspace, among other gadgets, our sit-stand stool muvman. Read more about the "Home Office Ergonomics". More about the gadgets >

Stehhilfe muvman

December 2015: Get to know our designers

Who is responsible for the innovative design of our aeris chairs? Find it out and learn more about 3Dee, muvman, oyo, swopper and swoppster!

More about the aeris designers >

Designer Tobias Caratiola

December 2015: The office chair – double heroes

Frank Groß did not only give his wife a swopper as a present but also drew a fantastic painting of her on the active office chair with the title “double heroes”. Copyright: Frank Groß (

To the swopper painting >

swopper painting

November 2015: oyo wins ICONIC AWARD 2016

One more time! Rocking chair oyo is the winner of the ICONIC AWARD 2016. This years's focus is on Interior Innovation.

More about the award >

oyo Iconic Award

November 2015: Best Active Sitting Chairs

The online magazine hobbr presents the 15 best active sitting chairs for better posture, productivity and health. Find our swopper as well as our sit-stand stool muvman in the following article. 

More about the chairs >

muvman active chair

November 2015: Choose your favorite colour!

oyo is love at first sit. Its flowing shape embraces you with a growing feeling of wellbeing as you sit. And: oyo puts a splash of colour in your life.

More about design chair oyo >

colorful oyos

October 2015: Benelux Office Products Award for oyo

The jury of the Benelux Office Products Award chose our contract chair oyo as winner in the category Office Seating.

More about the award >

oyo winner Benelux Office Products Award

October 2015: The revolution of sitting in Hall 10!

Visit us at the world's largest and most important trade fair for occupational health and safety, the A+A in Dusseldorf. From the 27th until the 30th October we are looking forward to welcome you in Hall 10, at Stand B18.

More about the A+A >

September 2015: Love At First Swop

"swopper - It really rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Say it out loud with me: swopper. If you had to ask me for the best way to describe this marvelous piece of engineering..."

More about a swopper chair review >

September 2015: Design chair oyo rocks!

Our contract chair oyo is nominated for two international awards: For the FX Interior Design Award and for the SBID International Design Award

More about the awards >

August 2015: oyo gets you rocking everywhere

oyo – The Chair offers a completely new way of sitting which invites you to move more and assume all sorts of different sitting positions.

More about oyo sitting positions >

July 2015: The Washington Post about swopper

"During my stay at SFI, I tried out a swopper, another office chair designed to allow for 'active' sitting. This one suited me perfectly." Read the whole article here. More about the Washington Post article >

July 2015: swopper PLATZHIRSCH at the altar

Amazing! Our swivel stool swopper was recently part of a wedding. Copyright of the photos: Christian Rohbach. Find more pictures of the event here:

More about the swopper wedding >

July 2015: And the nominees are...

oyo is among the nominees for the Benelux Office Products Award 2015. The rocking chair, cantilever chair and saddle-seat has been nominated in the category "Office Seating". More about the award >

July 2015: oyo - The Chair rocks!!!

oyo is new, daring and unique. It attracts attention and it is immediately obvious that this chair is a statement and an all-rounder which moves gracefully between retro and modern. More about the oyo in our new folders >

July 2015: Welcome to the boiler house!

Our muvman fits perfectly in working places like boiler houses, factories and manufacturing workshops. Do you want to see more examples where our active seat for standing/sitting can be used? More about the muvman >

June 2015: Feedback from a physiotherapist

“I have successfully provided people with swopper who have one of the following diagnoses: MS, severe osteoporosis, hypermobility of the spine with musculo-sceletal pain, and symptoms of common degenerative conditions. I can highly recommend the swopper.” (Kristin, physiotherapist/advisor of occupational health from Norway)

June 2015: Indigenous Cultures without Back Pain

Believe it or not, there are a few cultures in the world where back pain hardly exists. Read here what a acupuncturist in California found out about these cultures. More about it >

May 2015: Want a Desk Workout?

John Brandon from the Inc. Magazine has five gadgets recommendations for you. They will keep you fit and active while working. One of them is our swopperMore about the Desk Workout>

April 2015: What your swopper color says about you

Are you a Ninja, Comforter, Peacemaker or Social Butterfly? Read the following article from and find out what the color of your swopper chair might say about you. More about your swopper color >

March 2015: German Design Spirit

The exhibition German Design Spirit showcases in China products and projects developed by successful companies in Bavaria. muvman and swopper are also part of it. Conceived as a traveling exhibition it takes place in several chinese cities. More about the German Design Spirit >

March 2015: Creating a Healthier Home Office

Do you have your office just some meters next to your kitchen? Do you start working every day on the dining room table or while sitting on the couch? Brittany Mullins explains how you could create with the swopper a healthier Home Office. More about a healthier home office > 

March 2015: Ship ahoy!

Our muvman stool is very versatile and suitable for all kinds of locations: manufacturing workshops, information counter, representative reception, laboratory etc. What about boats and ships? Discover it in the following article.  More about muvman for boats >

February 2015: Brand new: swopper FIT App

Sitting and burning calories at the same time? Our swopper FIT app shows you how to do it. Download it now, track your activity and try its training session, calorie calculator and pedometer. More about the swopper FIT app >

February 2015: Right office chair boosts brain activity

Sitting on a swopper has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate! This is the result of a scientific study of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz. The dynamic sitting affects the short-term as well as the long-term ability of concentration. More about the study > 

February 2015: Overview of the muvman

"If you are like me and you are using an adjustable high desk the muvman is the perfect way to easily alternate between standing and sitting.” In a new video Stephanie from presents the advantages of our muvman sit stand stool and its 3D ergonomics More about muvman chair review > 

February 2015: Never just a chair!

Our office-chair 3Dee consists of a lot of individual pieces. That is no secret. But how many are there exactly? If you are curious about it, click on the following link. More about the 3Dee >

February 2015: Try the Jay Cardiello workout!

Jay Cardiello, celebrity trainer of stars like Jennifer Lopez or 50Cent, is our official swopper spokesperson in the USA. He loves our products and we love his workout. For all of you who want to stay fit, here comes a short introduction with an exercise. More about Jay Cardiello >

February 2015: Incorporate movement into your day

“Don't Let Too Much Sitting at Your Desk Harm Your Health!” Entrepreneur and Yahoo Finance give five tips for incorporating more movement into every work day. Change the way you sit and try a swopper or muvman is one of their advices. More about the everyday workout >

January 2015: Its genius lies in its radicality.

Even at first glance you can tell the difference between the swopper and conventional office seats: Its radical design does away with all the conventional comfort features like armrests and headrest which hinder movement and make you ill in the long run. In contrast, thanks to its patented 3D technology the swopper, the world‘s fi rst 3D active seat, supports and encourages movement when sitting with frequent change of position. Find here two videos about How to swop > and with Tips for using the swopper >.

January 2015: oyo in the spotlight

Together with our photographer Thomas Koller it was time to go to the studio where our newbie oyo was photographed form all sides. Here you can find a tiny preview. More about the oyo >

January 2015: aeris@imm cologne

We started 2015 with one of the most important events in the furniture business. The imm cologne took place from the 19th to 25th of January. The highlight on the aeris stand was our newby oyo. This year’s theme: “pure design im pure village”. More about the imm cologne >

December 2014: To the benefit of your back

The bloggers of Lichtpoesie tested our active-office-chair swopper and had a lot of fun with our stool. Watch he video: swopper and Lichtpoesie >

December 2014: 3Dee wins Attendees` Choice Awards

“Our 3Dee is one of the best new ergonomic solutions and offers an opportunity to increase productivity, while improving workplace health.” Where are these arguments from? From this weeks Attendees Peoples’ Choice Award at the National Ergonomics Conference in Las Vegas!

December 2014: Why exercise when sitting down is not a contradiction in terms

The Campaign for Healthier Backs (AGR) certifies and recommends the best active sitting furniture in Germany. Among them are also the aeris products. In a current press release the institution points out the importance of more exercise in everyday routines. 

On the basis of the fact that three quarters of desk workers suffer from physical complaints, it is crucial that f.e. office workers have a suitable office chair which allows the active sitting in three dimensions. These chairs bring more movement and are the first basic steps towards better back health, more concentration and better performance. More about the campaign for healthier backs >

November 2014: 3Dee wins Nightingale Silver Award 2014

The winners of this year’s Nightingale Award have been announced at the Healthcare Design Conference in San Diego. We from aeris are very happy that our Active-Office-Chair 3Dee is also among the awardees. The 3Dee chair got the Silver Award. Every year the Nightingale Award displays product which help to improve the healthcare environment and stand out for their functionality, quality, durability, aesthetics, style, pricing and innovation. More about Nightingale Award >

November 2014: Perfect your Posture

What are the advantages of sitting on a swopper? 5 Minutes for Mom tested one of our ergonomic stools and outlined some of them: strengthen your back, train your muscles, improve your concentration, etc. More about your posture >

October 2014: Awards for 3D Ergonomics

In recognition of the development of particularly dynamic products, projects and designs, aeris receives the "tested and recommended for being particularly dynamic" seal of quality from the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung e. V. (German Federal Working Group for the Promotion of Posture and Movement) for the idea, development and implementation of 3D ergonomics. More about 3D ergonomics >

October 2014: 3Dee – Undressed!

Three Munich architects, together with the magazine MADEby, examined carefully our active office chair 3Dee. Material, design, seating comfort, etc. were put under the microscope. Are you curious about the results? Here you can read the full article. More about the 3Dee chair review >

July 2013: U.S. Doctors May Order Office Workers Out of Their Chairs

The American Medical Association, which represents 225,000 doctors in the U.S. call for work breaks, standing work stations, use of isometric balls instead of chairs and other ways of making time spent at a work desk less harmful to long-term health. More about the article >

February 2013: Chronic disease and sitting time

Conclusion of the study suggest “that higher volumes of sitting time are significantly associated with diabetes and overall chronic disease, independent of physical activity and other potentially confounding factors. Prospective studies using valid and reliable measures into domain-specific sitting time in middle-aged males are required to understand and explain the direction of these relationships.” More about the study >

February 2013: Sitting is the new smoking

says Merchant, a corporate director and former Autodesk executive. In classic TED fashion, Merchant said “The (ahem) bottom line is that sitting is a (usually) silent killer. Sitting is so incredibly prevalent that we don’t even question how much we’re doing it and because everyone else is doing it, it doesn’t even occur to us that it’s not OK. In that way, sitting has become the smoking of our generation.” More about sitting is the new smoking >

June 2012: NeoCon - Chicago: success for muvman

Awarded at NeoCon: the muvman sit/stand stool got a new award: the Building Magazine's Product innovations 2012 - Grand Prize Winner. 

March 2012 universal design: Two new awards for the muvman

A jury of experts as well as a jury of consumers vote the muvman active seat for standing/sitting from aeris as their favourite. The muvman receives the universal design award 2012 and is designated the universal design consumer favorite 2012.

March 2012: IGR-Siegel "Ergonomisches Produkt"

Experts recommend active sitting with swopperswoppster and muvman! In line with their motto "We strengthen your back", testers from the Syndicate of Back Physiotherapists (Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/innen e.V. (IGR)) have now subjected the active seats swopperswoppster and muvman from aeris to thorough testing and have rated each seat as an "Ergonomic Product".

December 2010: swopper an integral part of the classroom of the future!

Bavarian Television has often reported on the large-scale health initiative in the model primary school in Volkenschwand (district of Kelheim, Lower Bavaria)The last time was 8.12.2010 in the evening news. From the very outset, sitting in motion on the swopper has been a part of the MentalTop project sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Education and the Arts.

December 2010: "Interior Innovation Award - Winner 2011" for the muvman!

New award for the muvman: the muvman active seat for standing/sitting has been granted the "Interior Innovation Award - Winner 2011" by the independent Design Council, the leading design institute in Germany. This is one of the most prestigious design prizes in the furnishing sector worldwide.