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active office by aeris was officially launched in 2018 and has been well received from the very beginning. As much as we are pleased with the positive feedback on the active office concept and confirmation of our actions, a scientific verification is indispensable. The active office concept is based on a scientific approach and was co-developed by Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Working Group for Posture and Exercise, among others. However, an additional confirmation of the effectiveness of the concept should be provided by a study. For this reason, Dr. Diana Henz at the Institute for Sports Science of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schöllhorn of the Johannes-Guttenberg University in Mainz examined the work in the active office. The study was published in the scientific journal "Frontiers in Human Neuroscience", the world's most-cited journal in its field.

aeris active office

What is the active office concept?

The active office was developed for the ever-changing office and working world. Up to now, workstations with little movement and rigid office chairs have dominated the office. Although height-adjustable tables are slowly finding their way into everyday office life, they are hardly used for dynamic stand-sit changes. People need exercise to stay healthy and not just two different positions for working, sitting or standing. This is a real problem, because studies show that excessive sitting can make people ill and considerably reduce their performance. active office is fighting against sitting as a cause of illness and supplies the right concept and products to bring more movement to the workplace.

active office provides for a consistent redesign of conventional office spaces. Every desire to achieve a goal, meet a need or fulfil a task must trigger movement. The central element is the active office® desk, consisting of two electrically height-adjustable work surfaces. One work surface is set at seat height, the other at standing height, so that a spontaneous and intuitive change of position is possible. In addition, the active office® desk has sensors that record the user's movement profile using ultrasound. Software reminds the user to change position if he has sat too long. The new moving workstation is rounded off with the aeris® muvmat, an active floor mat with 2-zone technology that simulates the structure of a forest floor. The "lively inner life" of the muvmat causes a randomly controlled activation of the reflex zones and sensors. The result: no "heavy" legs from standing on hard ground and a fatigue-free extension of the time that can be worked healthily while standing.

Results of the study

The results of the study have confirmed that the active office concept devised by Josef Glöckl has positive physical and psychological effects on users. In all comparative studies the active office performs better than the conventional office setting consisting of a desk and a conventional office chair (no active seat). The following areas were examined:

  • Short-term ability to concentrate
  • Long-term ability to concentrate
  • Degree of strain at work
  • Attention to monotonous tasks
  • Attention test
  • Stress
  • Muscle tension
  • Alertness

The results in detail

Short-term ability to concentrate

Under time and precision pressure, a significantly better performance could be observed in the active office than in the conventional office. This means that the test persons were able to show a higher performance volume and, due to the increased concentration, fewer careless mistakes. An exciting factor for companies! Fewer mistakes by faster-acting employees means a smoother and therefore more efficient working day.

aeris active office – Short-term ability to concentrate
aeris active office – Long-term ability to concentrate
Long-term ability to concentrate

The long-term ability to concentrate was significantly improved in the active office. With regard to the office working day, this means that employees are better able to maintain their sustained attention than in a conventional office and are therefore better able to concentrate on their work at all times.

Degree of tension during work

During the two-week study it was found that the test persons showed a higher degree of relaxation in the active office. This so-called alpha activity not only indicates relaxation, but is also an indicator of creative processes that are more likely to occur in a relaxed state. The increase in alpha activity was observed during workflows over the entire study period. Another positive effect of relaxation is the ability to maintain sustained attention. There were no training effects in the conventional office during the entire study period.

aeris active office – Degree of tension during work
aeris active office – beta activity
Attention to monotonous tasks

In all companies there are also monotonous tasks that can have a negative influence on the employees’ concentration performance. However, in the active office it could be observed that the so-called beta activity, an indicator of alertness and the willingness to concentrate, was increased in the two-week study period, which was not the case in the conventional office. When this is transferred to working in the office, it means the employees remain awake and ready to react thanks to the active office concept, which encourages movement.

Attention test

One of the most remarkable results was provided by the concentration test. Gamma activity indicates the processes of information processing in the brain. After the two-week study, a clear training effect could be observed during work in the active office. The impressive aspect: After only two weeks, both cerebral hemispheres were active during work in the active office. This means that in the active office the test persons were able to show better ability to concentrate under great time pressure and high demands, since the brain was in an optimal state of performance thanks to the activation of both brain hemispheres. By activating both hemispheres of the brain, creative solutions to problems become possible that are much less likely to pop up in a conventional office. There, usually only one brain hemisphere is active.

aeris active office – Attention test
aeris active office – Stress

In the course of the study, it was found that the motion-promoting work in the active office significantly relieves the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, the test persons’ stress level was significantly higher in the conventional office. The negative consequences: A high stress level can lead to serious damage to health. Stress also has a negative effect on concentration ability and leads to poorer work performance.

Muscle tension

Working at the active office proves that exercise is the key to good health. Positive effects could be measured in both the shoulder and neck muscles. The stretching of the neck muscles not only improves the posture of the head, but also relieves the shoulder muscles, which have to accomplish less compensatory intervention. In concrete terms, this means less tension in the neck area.

aeris active office – Muscel tension
aeris active office – Alertness

In addition to the measurable positive influences on the brain and body, the degree of alertness  also improves in the active office. At the end of the study, the test persons felt 5 times more awake than the test persons in the conventional office, this big difference was already visible after a few hours. People feel more awake and automatically become happier and more efficient.

Our conclusion

The results impressively show that the active office is the Workplace Revolution it has wanted to be since its inception. Working in an active office has proven to have significant positive effects on people's cognitive performance, in particular the activation of both hemispheres of the brain is a turning point in ergonomic office design. Not only does this increase employee satisfaction, but this additional performance and the ability to tap the full potential of users also contributes directly to the company's success, as employees become more creative and effective in their task management. You can also read the entire study in the renowned journal "Frontiers in Human Neuroscience".

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