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Josef Glöckl Josef Glöckl

Josef Glöckl 


Susanna Kindler Susanna Kindler

Susanna Kindler 

Executive Vice President Marketing, Sales & HR

Dirk Beisiegel Dirk Beisiegel

Dirk Beisiegel 

VP Production & Purchasing, Plant Horgau

Lothar Vonderthann Lothar Vonderthann

Lothar Vonderthann 

Head of Sales Germany

Felix Pakot Felix Pakot

Felix Pakot  

Sales Representative Germany South/West

Stefan Oelze Stefan Oelze

Stefan Oelze 

Sales Representative Germany North/West

Alexandra Brennenstuhl Alexandra Brennenstuhl

Alexandra Brennenstuhl 

Sales Representative Germany East

Jan Malte Taetz Jan Malte Taetz

Jan Malte Taetz

Sales Representative Germany North

Carsten Huerter Carsten Huerter

Carsten Huerter 

Manager Inside Sales Germany

Anna Kröger Anna Kröger

Anna Kröger

Inside Sales Germany

Tülay Inan Tülay Inan

Tülay Inan 

Customer Order Services

Andreas Nadler Andreas Nadler

Andreas Nadler 

Customer Order Services

Dorota Schmitt Dorota Schmitt

Dorota Schmitt 

Head of International Sales

Dijana Zivkov Dijana Zivkov

Dijana Zivkov 

Customer Services International Sales

Fabrice Schnellhardt Fabrice Schnellhardt

Fabrice Schnellhardt 

Customer Services International Sales

Stef Middel Stef Middel

Stef Middel 

Area Sales Manager Netherlands, Belgium

Pino Congi Pino Congi

Pino Congi 

Country Manager Switzerland

Jenny Glöckl Jenny Glöckl

Jenny Glöckl 

on parental leave

Patrick Reinhardt Patrick Reinhardt

Patrick Reinhardt

Area Sales Manager AT, LUX, STIROL

Meike Meier Meike Meier

Meike Maier

Manager Marketing & Communication

Samira Köhler Samira Köhler

Samira Köhler 


Lucky Lucky

Lucky Maier-Kindler 

Princess of Marketing

Christine Beck Christine Beck

Christine Beck


Tom Brigl Tom Brigl

Tom Brigl 

Online Marketing

Marcel Rotzoll Marcel Rotzoll

Marcel Rotzoll

Manager Public Relations

Sabine Krietemeyer Sabine Krietemeyer

Sabine Krietemeyer 

Manager Public Relations

Sabine Woettki Sabine Woettki

Sabine Woettki

on parental leave

Dietlind Walger-Hutter Dietlind Walger-Hutter

Dietlind Walger-Hutter 

Head of R&D

Tobias Caratiola Tobias Caratiola

Tobias Caratiola 

Product Design

Kathleen Schrinner Kathleen Schrinner

Kathleen Schrinner

Head of Finance & Controlling

Carola Polster Carola Polster

Carola Polster


Jan Eisenkolb Jan Eisenkolb

Jan Eisenkolb 

Manager IT

Sabine Köhler Sabine Köhler

Sabine Köhler 

Assistant to the Managing Director

Tomasz Nosek Tomasz Nosek

Tomasz Nosek 

Purchasing/Dispatch Department

Christine Renz Christine Renz

Christine Renz 

Head of Assembly

Gaby Grau Gaby Grau

Gaby Grau 

Dispatch Department

Wolfgang Roller Wolfgang Roller

Wolfgang Roller 

Quality Management

Adis Degirmendzic Adis Degirmendzic

Adis Degirmendzic 


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